Are Today’s Democrats Yesterday’s Stalin and Lenin?


America cannot be defeated by any nation from the outside but that doesn’t mean she cannot be defeated. Are today’s democrats yesterdays Stalin and Lenin? And if so, what proof do we have that their plan is the overthrow of the American way of life?

Historically, the World back in the early part of the 2oth Century was being threatened by a takeover over by Germany. The nation eyed expansionism in Europe but the allied forces had developed a form of fighting that brought the war to a standstill. It was called trench warfare.

The answer to the stalemate on the battlefield of France was to divide the nations who opposed the advance by the German’s. In this case the Russians. What the Germans did was to devise a plan to get Russia out of the war. Their answer was to overthrow the Czar by revolution.

Joseph Stalin and Vladimir Lenin were sent from Germany to start a revolution in Russia, one that would topple the Czar and his family. By funding the efforts of Stalin and Lenin with $10M, the Germans hoped to eliminate the Russian threat and thus help to win the war. Their plan worked and Russia was eliminated from World War I.

Could the same tactic be taken in modern day life? Who on the world stage is hellbent on taking over the world but is unwilling to start a major world conflict? China…but China has one obstacle, America. So how could this nation of over 1Billion people accomplish their diabolical plan? Use the 20th Century strategy by destroying your enemy from the inside out.

The modern Democrat Party in recent years has been more than cozy with the Chinese government. It would seem that the communist government has found a way to convince members of the leadership in both parties but particularly the Democrat Party that their future is with the CCCP.

Donald Trump, when he ran for office starting in 2015 warned the voters that China was not our friend. He backed up those accusations at every campaign stop by hurling insults and warnings about their intentions. Trump believed China was taking advantage of the USA and that if they weren’t stopped, China would take over the world.

Democrats and some on the Right called Trump a racist and every other name in the book. In addition, Democrats pulled out al the stops to try and defeat Trump. Those efforts fell short, Trump was elected President in 2016 and immediately began putting tariffs on China and renegotiated advantageous trade deals with the communist country.

After less than 3 years, President Trump had not only revitalized the American military, he had lit a fire under the American economy. Among his accomplishments was to establish our energy independence, a feat which was a first. He had renegotiated long standing trade deals in favor of the United States. Created an economic juggernaut marveled by the world. His America First theology wasn’t just a slogan, it had become a reality which scared the Leftist who had sold their soul to the Chinese communist Party.

Biden in less than one year of being in office has done more to unravel the policies and standing Donald Trump and other conservative leaders than any other president in modern history. Here is a list of the damage he has done which leads you to believe, he isn’t working for America but against us.

One day on of his presidency he opened our southern border, Stopped the Keystone Excel pipeline, Re-entered the Paris Climate Accords, Re-opened negotiations with Iran, Eased trade tariffs with China, Allowed Russia to complete its oil pipeline to Europe. Increased unconstitutional mask mandates, watched as the supply chain issue became a national crisis, Introduced legislation that would necessarily increase the taxes and burden on the American people for generations to come. Gutted our militaries readiness as a result of the taxes, supply chain crisis. Risked our national defense by allowing (at last count) over 1 million foreign illegal aliens through our southern border. Set in motion the most dangerous series of actions aimed at dividing the country over the issue of racism.

Biden’s latest offense is his nominee to serve as the Comptroller of US currency. Saule Omarova was nominated by Biden to be the next head of the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC), which is responsible for regulating the assets held by more than 1,000 banks.

Omarova was born and educated in Russia. She did her doctoral thesis on the pros of the socialist theology. Her latest writings call for the end of private banking, the failure of the oil companies and basically our western way of life. This is yet another egregious assault on America not from the outside, but from the inside.

The Progressive Socialist Left

Ilhan Omar, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Ayanna Pressley, Rashida Tlalib and the rest of “The Squad”, have made it clear, their intentions on fundamentally changing the American way of life. Their unique brand of Socialism even scares members of their own party, who see them as a cudgel rather than an asset.

In the most recent House session, Majority Leader Nancy Pelosi has had to do political gymnastic in order to push through the Biden Administrations Tax and Spent Infrastructure and Build Back Better Bills. Extremist Democrats threatened to submarine efforts by “moderate” dems and a bipartisan gathering of Republicans attempting to pass the Infrastructure portion of the Bill. The Bill ultimately did pass but the Progressive, self described Democrat Socialist surely are not going away.

Biden, who ran as a Uniter has been anything but a statesman in the image of Reagan. He has done more to hurt this country and embolden countries like Russia and China. His actions have shown he doesn’t have an America First policy but a China First policy. If something isn’t done to curb his ability to hurt America, by the end of his first and only term the America we knew at the end of the Trump era won’t be recognizable.