Would MLK Be Considered an “Uncle Tom” Today Like Senator Tim Scott

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Senator Tim Scott (R-SC) is in the news because as the only black Republican Senator he gave the rebuttal to Joe Biden’s address to a joint session of Congress. On social media Sen. Scott who’s story of Slavery to the Senate in a lifetime, was vilified and called an “Uncle Tim”. The post on Twitter was left to “Trend” for 11hrs. before being removed.

Many of us don’t know who Uncle Tom was. Was he a real person. Was he a good or bad person? Why is being called an Uncle Tom such a derogatory term to black American’s? Would MLK be considered an Uncle Tom today like Senator Tim Scott?

We don’t have room to get into the entire story of Uncle Tom but in brief, Harriet Beecher Stowe wrote a book based upon a real person, Josiah Henson was the real life person who Stowe characterized in her book “Uncle Tom’s Cabin”.

Uncle Tom, was a Christian slave who sacrificed his life in an attempt to protect other slaves. He gave the ultimate sacrifice for his people and during the mid 1800’s wash held in high regards. But this regard was short lived.
Uncle Tom wasn’t an aggressive man, he chose pacifism which didn’t sit well with Southern whites nor Northern blacks who lost their jobs as porters and domestics to these Uncle Tom’s.

In a joint effort to crush these Uncle Tom’s, blacks along with Southern white’s vilified and created the derogatory reference to the once noble Uncle Tom.
Today, I fear that MLK as he was hated by Malcolm X and the Nation of Islam and the Black Panthers, would be considered an Uncle Tom and thus would be held in low regard.

Here is the rub.

The one person who sacrificed his life so that slaves could be free, is the very person that blacks and whites in coordination, worked to destroy. Today, the modern Democrat Party has bedfellows in most in the black community.

Any Black Republican, who doesn’t raise arms but sacrifices to see his people succeed is called an Uncle Tom. Senator Tim Scott is just the latest in a long string of Black Republicans to find their names smeared all across the internet, but certainly he will not be the last.

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