Is DA Wolfson Eying A Final Term Run?

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District Attorney Steve Wolfson may be eyeing a final term run this election cycle. The moderate chief law enforcement officer, has been vilified recently for his law and order stand on issues such as the Death penalty. In a recent interview he has said that his office has adopted many reforms he felt were needed but it is obvious the DA is not a wimp on crime.

Democrats like Nicole Cannizaro and Jason Frierson who worked in the DA office before becoming legislators, are pushing for more lax enforcement in the DA office. They point to the national push for police and bail reform. Unfortunately, these reforms have proven to be disasterous for the victims of crimes.

Nationally, the number of homocides, robberies and felonies have spiked as a direct result of “Defund the Police” efforts championed by Democrats. In Portland, Chicago, where Mayor Laurie Lightfoot now finds herself embroiled in a struggle to keep police on the beat, we see the effects of “Defund the Police” efforts.

Now it looks asthough the influence of extremist leftist ideology is trying to seep into the Clark County District Attorney’s office. Wolfson is standing firm on his convictions that law and order are still the best remedy for crime. Along with Sheriff Joe Lombardo, Clark County has been able to keep crime at levels way below the national average.

If it is up to Democrats in Carson City Wolfson will be pressured into completely overhauling the District Attorneys office.

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