Will the Real CCRCC Stand Up


After the latest non-meeting of the Clark County Republican Central Committee on Tuesday of this week, there is still no definitive legal leadership in Clark County politics. A last-minute judge’s order thwarted the plans of the Official CCRCC leadership to vote on a Chairman and Board slate. Contrary to a memo issued by the CCRCC stating a judges ordered Jesse Law’s CCRCC to cease calling themselves the Real CCRCC Board.

If you are confused by now, you should be. So, for those of you who have been out of the loop over the past few months, we’ll quickly synopsize how we got to this point.

On July 28th, the CCRCC convened a meeting at Spring Valley High School. They were to vote on a new slate of Board members. That meeting quickly went sideways due to a number of issues, not the least of which, was a sizable body of members were taken off the membership rolls. 

Secondly, a small riot broke out which spilled over into the meeting.  The meeting moved forward despite the objections of a percentage of disenfranchised attendees and Jesse Law, who had been disqualified to run for Chairman under questionable circumstances.

Within a week a memo was issued by supporters of Jesse Law and State officials, stating they were calling a meeting to vote on new leadership for the County Party. They claimed to have authority, citing By-Laws and even brought in their own Parliamentarian for good measure. 

To make matters worse, several Trustees of the CCRCC sided with Jesse Laws’ organization. They claimed authority to vote in new leadership, despite not being the Official CCRCC. This new meeting was condemned by the Official CCRCC but to no avail. 

Over 400 people attended this new meeting and voted in Jesse Law and his slate of Board members. They claimed authority to call themselves the legitimate CCRCC Chairman and Board but wait, the Official CCRCC filed a lawsuit calling into question the legitimacy of this new leadership.

Last week a judge issued a supporting statement, siding with the original Official CCRCC. In that statement, she ordered Jesse Laws Board to stop calling themselves CCRCC. The memo went on to say an official ruling on the contentious matter would come shortly. Which brings us to where we are now.

August 17th the Official CCRCC was to reconvene the meeting, they had originally started back in July. But that meeting never happened. WHY? Evidently, yet another Judge ordered neither Party, The Official CCRCC nor Jesse Laws’ CCRCC Board could hold a meeting or lay claim to the title of CCRCC. 

So as of today, there is no official leadership for the Clark County Republican Party. What began as a simple exercise of voting in new Board members, devolved into the States’ worst Administrative and community nightmare. This matter is not over by a long shot. Stay tuned for the next update. 

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