Why Is ID Required for a COVID Shot?


Voting in America has always been a contentious thing. During Jim Crow days ex-slaves had unreasonable and in most cases racist hoops to jump through in an effort to stop them from voting Republican.
Today, requiring an ID is considered, at least by Democrats and those on the Left, as unreasonable. If you ask black people they would say it is racist to think that they were too helpless or stupid to get a photo ID. Well enter an ID requirement, to register to get a COVID-19 vaccination.
That’s right folks. The University of Nevada Las Vegas on their website, is requiring that you submit a photo ID just to register for an appointment to get a vaccination. WTF
I’m all alumni of UNLV but this is compete BS. No one in America is responsible for the Coronavirus, it came from a Chinese lab in Wuhan. The citizens of Nevada didn’t shut down the economy, it was Governor NN Sisolak.
Now when it’s time to get out of this mess we have to show an ID? You don’t have to show an ID to vote in a national election, so why should I have to present an ID to get a shot. Are they afraid I’m going to get back in line and take a second dose like Dems on Election Day?
What would happen if some teenage girl comes in with one of those fake ID’s are they going to tell her No! What about grandma. Will she be denied a jab if she starts searching in her purse and discovers she doesn’t even own a purse. Are they going to deny her too?
OK. Let’s just chalk this up to Gov. Sisolak’s inept administration and distribution of a simple shot in the arm. This just can’t be that hard. You make an appt., you get your first shot, repeat if so needed. Unless the State or Feds are going to follow-up and start checking jab marks on our arms, there are going to be plenty of people who for whatever reason don’t get the shot or refuse to, that’s on them. But to require a photo ID for a shot that is virtually impossible to 100% require getting, seems like a waste of time.

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