Why Freedom to Be Unvaxxed Matters

National Politics

Give me Liberty or Give Me Death were the famous words of Patrick Henry. For most these are mere words spoken by a colonial character many years ago. They most likely don’t mean much to modern day Americans but they should.

Those words by Henry were spoken before the Second Virginia Convention on March 23, 1775, at St. John’s Church in Richmond, Virginia. That last memorable piece of oratory sums up the reason for America. Freedom and Liberty.

Liberty to speak, think, choose and associate with whoever and whenever you as an American feel. It is the reason why we fight for our sovereign rights. Liberty and Freedom are why the writers of the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution of the United States of America placed their entire lives on the line. It was for Freedom and Liberty.

These men and women lived in a time when the luxury of freedom and Liberty were being threatened by British Rule. The heavy hand of Britain threatened to not only take away their Freedom but deprive them of their Liberty. Their ability to choose the direction in which they would live hung in the balance. They had to act. And so, The Revolutionary War was fought. It was a battle not just for Freedom but for Liberty.

Throughout the years we have seen attempts at taking away our Freedoms and Liberty. During the Civil War, The Northern States fought for the Liberty and Freedom of Black Americans who through no fault of their own were being deprived of Freedom and Liberty by Southern slaveholders. The bloodiest battle on American soil set not only Black Americans free but emancipated the nation which was divided over the issue of Freedom and Liberty for Black Americans enslaved.

The battle did not end after the last cannon was fired on the fields of Gettysburg with the signing of surrender at the Appomattox Courthouse. The battle continued to rage for nearly 100 years as Republicans fought to gain Freedom and Liberty for Black Americans up until the Civil Rights marches of the 1960’s.

So Freedom and Liberty are not just a coloquial fad, they are at the very root of America. Freedom and Liberty are another word for America. It is the reason why millions of people wait in line to become citizens here. Some wait as much as 10-15 years, but they know the promise of America is worth waiting for. 

A man by the name Maximo Alvarez, said during the Republican National Convention of 2020, “If we lose America…with her Freedom and Liberty…there is no other place to go.” Maximo, a Cuban immigrant, understood the power and import of America’s Freedom and Liberty. His speech brought the capacity audience in attendance to its feet.

Today, we are faced with yet another attack on our Freedom and Liberty. No it doesn’t come from a political party directly. Not even a foreign invader at our shores, it comes in the form of a virus [Coronavirus] brought to our shores by China. The virus, though it is deadly and serious, isn’t the real enemy of America. The most egregious enemy to America are the vaccine mandates which are being proposed and in some cases forced upon the American people.

President Donald Trump implemented and executed the most aggressive vaccine cure campaign [called Operation Warpspeed] in human history. Faced with a global pandemic of historical proportions, he was able to marshall the awesome power of American and European science to develop, and deliver a vaccine for the Coronavirus within 10 months. It was a feat never before attempted and most likely will never be repeated. It was this Republican President, the world’s most hated man, who was able to save the lives of literally millions of people. But it was only the beginning.

Joe Biden, who inherited the vaccine, doses and the means to deliver the answer to the planet, began his own brand of delivery of the vaccine. A few months prior, he and his Vice President Kamala Harris had been vocal in their opposition to receiving the Trump vaccine, but now as the new President and V.P. of the U.S.A. their tune had changed and they went about trying to get the nation to take the vaccine, they only two months before had told them not to.

Now 8 months later the Biden Administration and Democrat Governors have begun to mandate masks and then the taking of the Covid-19 vaccine in some cases under penalty of law. If you are a military person, you might lose your job. If you were a frontline worker, i.e. a Fireman, Medical worker or Police Officer who just 12 months ago were required to risk their lives serving the sick and dying, now are mandated to get vaxxed or lose their jobs.

Should people take the lifesaving vaccine? Without question, there is ample evidence to support the idea. Vaccines do work according to the medical community. Will people who have not been vaccinated possibly transmit the Coronavirus to those who have not been vaccinated. There again, there is ample evidence that being unvaxxed carries with it risks of transmitting the coronavirus. 

Even those people who have been vaccinated can still contract the coronavirus, they call them “breakthrough” cases. So there is no guarantee that being vaccinated 100% guarantees you from contracting the Coronavirus a second time. Nothing is guaranteed, except the severity of the disease.

All that being said, Should Americans ever be mandated to give up their Freedom and Liberty by becoming vaccinated? Under our Constitution, the one thing we regard as sacrosanct is our Freedom of Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness. In essence that means if we choose to become homeless, rich, successful or average, that is our Right.

If we choose to have 20 children or none, that is our Freedom. If the Lord puts it on our hearts to devote ourselves to serving the poor or becoming an award winning Actor, that is our God-given right, written and codified in our U.S. Constitution. 

But some would say, “In some cases, the greater good is more important than your individual Liberty. Not according to Patrick Henry. Well what about my right as a citizen to not be endangered by another citizen. According to our Constitution, the rights of the individual outweigh the right of a possibility. You have no way of knowing whether you’ll become infected by a passing person, or a passing cat. You have no way of knowing.

It is important to understand, the government didn’t give us our Right to Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness. The writers of the Constitution put it simply. These were and are “Inalienable” Rights. They are God-given rights. If we allow the government to dictate how much of our Inalienable rights are enough, we may find one day the government has taken them all away.

Well some might say, it is only for a little while. According to Patrick Henry, there is no such thing. “Give me Liberty, or Give me Death”.  

American’s are a peculiar breed. The giving up of our Freedoms and Liberty are wholly inappropriate for U.S. citizens. If we were communist or socialist, those were used to government imposed restrictions, mandates would be commonplace and dutifully followed. But not American’s, we are a peculiar people, not accustomed to limitations. In the end, vaccinations can and should be considered, but to mandate them by the elimination of our Freedom and Liberty are unacceptable.