Why Dems Will Do Anything to Defeat Larry Elder in California

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Recently, a woman wearing a pink gorilla mask was caught on video throwing an egg at gubernatorial candidate Larry Elder. Had this been a Democrat candidate the story would have been on every news station, but curiously it was buried all week long. Which begs the question, Why?

Why do Democrats and the Mainstream media feel that they must defeat Larry Elder in California? This story isn’t being highlighted, but if Larry Elder wins in California, it will set in motion a series of events from which Democrats may never recover. And in the minds of Democrats, this cannot be.

A woman throwing objects at Larry Elder later assulted a member of Elder’s security team in Venice Beach, Calif., on Sept. 8, 2021. (John Fredricks/The Epoch Times)

Larry Elder Black Face of Conservatism in America

The Black Conservative leadership in America has no clear leader. Oh yes, we have  South Carolina’s Tim Scott and Burgess Meredith in Utah, but they are lawmakers in the House of Representatives and not an Executive level office holder.  If Elder should win, not only would he become the first Black Governor of California, but the leader of the largest State in the nation.

Elder, a strong conservative, would begin a series of Executive Orders that would surely threaten to overturn the ox cart built by Democrats. Just as Trump went to Washington and started cleaning house, Elder would most likely take pen to the State budget, cut waste, lower taxes and require some belt-tightening among the cities throughout the state.

Black Vote in California

Here’s the dirty secret, “There are hundreds of thousands, if not millions of conservative black voters in California. In Clark County there are over 100k in a State of 3 million people. California has a population of 39.5 million people. You do the math.

Those black voters are looking for a conservative with enough clout to defend them. Larry Elder, should he win, will open a floodgate of black conservatism in California. And you know what they say, “As California goes, so does the nation.”

Abortion Rights Bill in Georgia

Voters Bill in Texas Now Law

In the last 3 months, the State of Texas Republican majority Legislatures have been active. They have passed two pieces of legislation, which have Democrats running for the hills. Individually, these laws are devastating. Collectively, these laws, if combined with wins by the GOP could spell the end of Democrat rule in the nation.

Texas’ Heartbeat Bill is a protection for the unborn, which flies in the face of the brutal Planned Parenthood and abortion proponents. The contested law already has received the attention of the DOJ, who normally would never think of stepping in on matters at the State level.

Texas’ SB1 or the Voters Rights Bill which recently became law over the objections of Democrats, who stage a childish walkout to avoid a vote. Notwithstanding their obligation to represent the people of the State of Texas, Democrats left the State in protest. The attempted move didn’t work, the law passed and now is law.

Democrats felt they could stimy the efforts of Texas House Republicans, by leaving the state. Their ill-fated attempt fell short of its desired intent. Even though it wasn’t reported in the mainstream news, the “turn tail and run Democrats” finally returned to Texas and allowed the Bill to become Law.

Can you hear the nail being hammered into the coffin of Democrats nationally? It used to be said, “As California goes, so goes the Country”. Could it be that Dems are afraid challenges to Abortion and Voter Integrity in Texas could go national? Or is there even more to consider?

Expected Midterm Election Losses

The midterm elections are always a time of nail-biting in politics. During the Obama era, the midterm bloodbath left scars on the Democrats. No other President has ever stood at the helm of such a shellacking. Dems nationally don’t want a repeat, a win by Elder could be the spark.

Democrats already know Joe Biden has been a disaster politically and socially. He was given the lifesaving vaccine for COVID-19 by the Trump Administration, and yet he is still mired not able to convince enough Americans to take the vaccine.

Add to this, his most recent decision to preemptively pull out of Afghanistan, leaving thousands of U.S. citizens and allies. Compounding the issue, Democrats have no coattails to run on. The 2022 midterms could set historic numbers in losses. Theoretically a win by Elder would mean a clearer path for the 2024 GOP Presidential candidate against Biden.

Biden Weak and Feckless

A weak and feckless Biden is like red meat to not only the GOP, but to power hungry Democrats within the Progressive Wing of the Democrat Party. Aww now you get it. If Joe Biden and Kamala cannot convince Democrats in California that all is well, Progressives will do what Liberals do, they will begin to dessert the ship.

We’ve seen this happen many times over the years. Most recently, Alexandria Ocasio Cortez has hinted she will seek to replace longtime standard-bearer Chuck Schumer. Is it beyond reason to think, there is already backroom strategy meetings hypothesizing the replacing both Biden and Kamala?

Face it, the only reason Biden was nominated, was to prevent Bernie Sanders from becoming the head of the country. Once that was taken care of, Democrat voters once again, voted against Trump, not for Biden. A further weakened Biden, is one step closer to being popped like a pimple.

Kamala Harris Can’t Carry the Party

One can almost hear the alarm horns being chimed at the DCCC. “Who do we have left? It sure aint Kamala.” This is all still speculation, but one thing is fact, Kamala Harris couldn’t carry the water for the most powerful nation on the planet and Democrats know it.

Like a series of dominoes falling, the last one is Kamala Harris. If Larry Elder wins in California, there is no firewall to keep the whole house of cards from falling in on the Democrat Party.

Unfortunately for the Democrat Party, they only have registered voters and not candidates, platform, nor leaders for the people to vote for.

In the world of politics, you can win with a mediocre candidate, but you can’t win by living off voting against your opposition and fanning the flames of hate and division. It only works for so long.

Larry Elder represents a bridge and a pathway for conservatives in America. His sheer presence is a danger to hate spewing Democrats, whose agenda has nothing to do with making America better. Rather, their agenda is all about gathering more and more power. This agenda ultimately fails because it is empty, hollow and without substance.

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