Why Are Republicans Balking at the Trump Vaccines?

National Politics

This is a general statement but one that bears attention. Why are Republicans balking at calls to being vaccinated? President Donald Trump left us the most important legacy ever when he literally rewrote the script on getting a new drug to the public.
Dems and naysayers all said it couldn’t be done but Donaldus Maximus, in Trump fashion got it done. Now the world is reaping the benefits of Trump-time. So why are so many Republicans not only balking at getting the vaccine but some are telling others NOT to get the vaccine.
In my opinion, the “Trump Vaccine” should be the second most important thing Republicans should be crowing about. The first being winning the Civil War and freeing Black Americans. Let’s not snatch defeat out of the hands of victory again.
Joe Biden and the Democrats are claiming the victory on the war against COVID-19 not because they have the truth on their side, but because Republicans are ceding their historic contribution. We should be owning the “Trump Vaccine”, not running away from it.
If Donaldus Maximus and the Republican Party had not fought for the vaccine, 10’s of millions of people would be dying each day, because the vaccine would still be tied up in R&D.

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