Who Will Rule the Roost


Last weekend Republicans from all over Southern Nevada were on hand for the Annual Lincoln Day Dinner. The swaree is a time honored event where the connected and those who want to be, meet and greet, eat and try to make their mark among the higher ups in the Party.

This meeting was a different in that Dave Sadjak, the current Chairman of the Clark County Republican Party made an announcement which shocked some in the audience. After making a few remarks on the last campaign cycle, the usual recounting of what was right and what was wrong with former and current administrations, Dave made the announcement heard round the world. “I will not be seeking re-election to the Chairmanship of the CCRP”.

A hush came over the room. “What?” No more Dave Sadjak? So who would be the next lamb to the slaughter. Who would be brave enough to go toe to toe with Party faithful and the acursed State Chairman Michael McDonald?

It wasn’t so surprising that Dave wouldn’t be seeking re-election, the surprise was to hear of his replacement. From the podium the Chairman announced his successor, NV State Senator Carrie Buck!!!!

So hear is my question. And you have to know from wents it comes. This comes from a place of love and adoration for Nevada and especially for our beloved CCRP. Why would Carrie Buck, who just won a seat on as NV State Senate now was eyeing the Chairmanship of the Clark County Republican Party.

This is going to be a story we will keep an eye on. From what we know of Carrie, she is a competent, hard working leader who will make an excellent Chairwoman. This isn’t at issue. The quandary she will face is whether of not the Party will accept a leader who wants to win.

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