What’s It Like a Weekend Without Masks

Editorial Nevada

In can be said, it is by far the best announcement of the year, President Joe Biden told the nation, they no longer were mandated to wear masks. The CDC, upon reviewing the latest scientific data on deaths and new cases of COVID-19, those people who were fully vaccinated, were no longer required to wear masks inside or outside.

The news was met with positive and negative feelings. But the ultimate truth of how people felt could be seen this weekend, as newly uncaged citizens, exercised their newfound no mask freedom. Let’s look at what it has been like this weekend without masks mandates in effect.

No surprise, when it was announced that the mask mandates would be lifted, the scene was reminiscent of the 60’s “Bra burning” protests. People from the North, East, South and West wasted no time in prying their masks off. For the past year, cotton smiles has been facial fixture across the globe. Now American’s were given a greenlight to go “maskless”. It was too good to be true.

At local pubs around Las Vegas, and I did make my way to several, [just to observe and not as a pre-emptive “Bar crawl”]. outside seating was first to be filled. It was like Mardi Gras in Vegas. You could feel the jubilation of “liberation” in the air. As a matter of fact, when my wife and I walked up to our first stop of the evening, mask in place, we were eye-balled like we had stole something.

It wasn’t that people were angry with us, they wanted us to partake in the liberation they were enjoying. It was as though the Allied troops had entered into the Rhineland, freed the village and we were the only ones who didn’t get the memo. The Chinese virus had been defeated and masks were flying like graduation caps.

It didn’t take us long to get the message. It was get “au naturel” or face the scorn of the revelers. I can only equate the feeling of wearing a mask in the midst of newly freed vaccinated (maybe fully vaccinated) to walking on a nude beach with all of your clothes on including a tie and overcoat. Get naked dammit or get off the beach, was the clear feeling.

So as they say goes “Do as the French do, get naked.”

Now we are not endorsing the indiscriminate flaunting of not wearing a mask, especially if you have not been vaccinated. There should be some caution taken with everything, but we are saying the announcement from the CDC and echoed by the White House is reverberating all across the fruited plain. Our fear is that there may come an “Fauci-esk” update, that will put the kibosh on our newly found freedom.

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