What We Can Learn from Taxes in America


The history of Taxes in America is truly telling, in the way this great land is run. From the very beginning of our nation, taxes have been levied as a way of expanding the nation, paying for wars and building roads, bridges and the great railroads.

But did you know, there is a direct correlation between the political party in office and the amount of taxes Americans pay? Put another way, depending on the political ideology of the party in power, Republican or Democrat, the typical American can expect his taxes to go up or go down.

What the Talking Heads Report

Political pundits would try to make you think, it doesn’t matter who is in power. They would say, both sides of the political spectrum are the same. But there is a definite difference in philosophy between the Parties.

Yes, if you just landed here from Mars and took a look in the papers, you’d think, there’s no difference between Nancy Pelosi and say Billie Kristol of National Review. In all honesty, during the last GOP primary, “the Swamp” made it clear, their intensions mirrored those of the Progressive Left. But in general, there are definite differences.

Democrats v Republicans

In general, Democrats favor the Big Government approach to governing. They believe in expanding the size and influence of the Federal government. Any expansion in government, [since the Federal government can only spend money, it collects from you and I, John Q. taxpayer], must come in the form of higher taxes.

Republicans, in general are the Party of small government. As Ronald Reagan said,

“If the big spenders get their way, they’ll charge everything on your Taxpayers Express Card. And believe me, they never leave home without it.” – 1984

In the eyes of Republicans, the Federal government should only spend money on 3 basic things, The military, Highways and Disaster Relief. Any other intrusion by the Federal government would be an intrusion by the Feds on the freedoms and rights of the States.

The First Taxes on the Colonist’

The first taxes levied on the colonist by the British came in the form of taxes on printing, stamps, etc.… It wasn’t until 1861 when the country needed to pay for the Civil War that the Federal government created an Income Tax. That Tax was only 3%.

Each successive Administration saw the legal ability to tax the American citizens to raise money for the Federal governments pet projects and perks. Look at the graph below and follow the bouncing Tax Ball.

You’ll notice a pattern developing. Notice how the graph spikes each 4-8 years and then falls back. Then again it spikes for 4 or 8 years and falls back again. These spikes are Administrations creating monetary policy, or Taxes. And you guessed it, the upward spikes represent Democrats raising our taxes.

What’s the big deal?

You may ask, “What is so bad about raising our taxes, we need infrastructure, roads, bridges and more money for social programs.” The problem is that the amount of money collected by the Federal government doesn’t only go to pay for the Military and Roads and Bridges or Disaster Relief. Much of our money is spent on programs and projects NOT specifically or in accord with what our Constitution or the Founding Fathers envisioned.

A larger portion of our taxes go oversees to help other countries. We sent millions of dollars to the Middle East, Venezuela, and every country in between for things no one knows about. In a recent report we, Congress appropriated millions of dollars to build a wall in Jordan.

That’s right, the Trump administration couldn’t get a Democrat controlled Congress to appropriate funds to build our own Southern Border Wall, but we were able to find the money to send to Jordan.

Taxes Under the Biden Administration

The current Administration, under Joe Biden is on track to exacting from the American public on the largest tax increases in our nation’s history. To put this into some perspective, the colonist rebelled on England for a hidden tax on Tea which raised 3 pennies on each pound of tea sold!!! That’s right, 3cents.

Today Joe Biden and the Nancy Pelosi-led Congress are flatly telling Americans, “We are going to raise your taxes”. Remember George H.W. Bush’s famous words, “Read my lips, no new taxes.” Those famous last words were Bush’s undoing the main reason why he lost re-election.

The raising of taxes has always been the Achilles heel of any politician. Can you imagine a candidate running on the slogan, “Yes, vote for me because I’m going to raise your taxes…” but Joe Biden did that exactly…and the American people voted for him?

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