What the Data Tells You About Nevada Schools

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At last check the Clark County School District, the nations 5th largest ranks at or near the bottom in national rankings despite the amount of money and resources allotted to the system. So what does the data tell you about Nevada Schools. Why are we consistently the weakest link in a school system flush with money?

The debate in Carson City is whether or not to allow Charter Schools, those band of parents and educators who have taken matters into their own hands and formed their own privately run schools. On average the typical child attending a charter school ranks significantly higher on SAT scores. The likelihood of these same children graduating and attending a 4 year college is almost guaranteed. Yet Democrat Lawmakers up North are ademately opposed to any kind of school choices

Take a look at this graph below, put together by our crack staff, showing Teacher Salaries nationally and the amount of money spent on each student. As you can see, Nevada ranks 26th out of 50 States when it comes to Teacher Salaries and per pupil spending. You would think based upon these facts Nevada would rank around 26th nationally on standardized scores and achievement levels. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Nevada ranks 35th in nation for academic achievement, 50th overall in K-12 education report card. Nevada’s K-12 education system is now ranked 35th in the country for academic achievement and has an overall score of D+ on an annual national report. (Sep 4, 2019)

Why does Nevada lag behind so many states if we are spending more than half of the states on per pupil learning? If the educational system is to blame, then why don’t legislators allow more charters to be brought online to give parents choice? If the teachers are to blame then why doesn’t the Principle and the District itself weed these people out. These are the questions that must be answered in order to find a solution.

Many of our readers attended Clark County Schools. We all knew it wasn’t the greatest education in the world but our outlook was different. We didn’t realize that computer technology was going to replace our middle class lifestyle. We thought, heck get a construction job, receive a pension and life would be fine. The truth is it is vastly more competitive today that it was in years past.

Today’s generation must be fully equipped to compete in a global marketplace. Not only do we compete with national or regional suppliers, or eyes must be open to global competition who is as close as an internet connection. So the sloppy education that got us out of high school and maybe into a Trade School just won’t due in 2021 and beyond.

Parents and citizens must hold our school district accountable for educating our children or get out the way and allow the free market to compete for our tax dollars. Legislators must be held accountable to the voters and not to Teachers Unions. We and not the Unions elected them and we will at the next election show them the front door. We are talking about our kids and to hell with Special Interest groups.

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