What is There to Do in Nevada During a Pandemic?

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What is to do in Nevada to avoid covid restrictions and still have fun? Living in Nevada we are blessed with a huge assortment of natural outdoor attractions. One doesn’t have to look very far to experience the natural beauty that we live in. This weekend weather conditions were much cooler

Over the past week the weather in the Desert Southwest has been anything but gentile. Monsoonal rains pelted the Las Vegas area and left roads flooded and windshields spotty. But that didn’t deter people from getting outside and enjoying the cooler temps and clean air.

Here is a list of destinations to choose from. Many of these places are free and if you have pets are pet friendly. One Wednesday the National Parks are free to enter. So now is a great time to plan a trip.

Valley of Fire– Tops on our list is the Valley of Fire. Yes, make no mistake it is hot out there but when you consider the views, this is well worth the trip. So take a lot of water and your camera to record the beauty and majesty of one of God’s natural wonders.

Red Rock Canyon drive west on Charleston Blvd passed Summerlin and you will find yourself in the Redrock Canyon Recreational area. Kickback and enjoy some of the most impressive rock formations on the planet in this protected camper’s paradise.  

Known for its picturesque red rock formations, Redrock is not only a hikers dream but a cyclist playground. On any day of the week the 12mile loop is full of riders making the trip from Las Vegas over to the Route 160 passed the city of Blue Diamond and back again.

Put this on your list of places and things to do.

Bryce Canyon– Our neighbors to the east have another hidden gem on their hands. It’s Bryce Canyon. This picturesque valley boasts some of the most beautiful rock formations in the world. Take your hiking boots and camera. You won’t want to miss the chance of taking a lot of memorable pictures to share on your Instagram page.

Lake Mead– in our own backyard sits the largest manmade reservoir in the nation, the Lake Mead reservoir. A boater’s playground, Lake Mead has been a crowd favorite for decades. Picture yourself ono the shore or on a boat with nothing but time on your hands. All in the middle of the desert? That is what draws millions of vacationers each and every year.

With plenty of shoreline and fishing, Lake Mead is a cooling off place for valley residents and vacationers from around the world.

Lake Tahoe travel up north past Reno, Nevada and you will find yourself in Tahoe. Known as a snowy getaway, Tahoe boosts of a phenomenal water sportsman haven.

Grand Canyon– Just south of Las Vegas is one of the seven wonders of the world, the Grand Canyon. If you have never made the trip, put this on your bucket list. Millions of people a years make the trek to witness one of naturals truly magnificent sites. Just standing at the North rim of the canyon takes your breath away as you soak in the site of the tremendous Grand Canyon gorge.

Cut out of rock over millions of years the canyon is a must see, over and over again.

Who says you have to be crowded into a nightclub or concert venue in order to have fun? In Nevada there are plenty of things to do and see, you just have to open your eyes and enjoy. With pandemic restrictions there is no need to stop living. Dust off those hiking boots, grease that chain on your cycle or just jump in the car. Nevada outdoors awaits and the weather is beautiful.