What is the Difference Between Sarah Ashton-Cirillo and Benedict Arnold?


Where do we begin on this one. First I’d like to start by saying, as a conservative I endeavor to never break Ronald Reagan’s 11th Commandment. “Thou shalt not speak ill of any fellow Republican”. So I can freely write about the character and actions of one Sarah Ashton-Cirillo, [who will be referred to as SAC] who by her own admission, “Infiltrated the Nevada GOP”, for the specific purpose of causing division. Not only is this reprehensible, but it is evil. So what is the difference between Sarah Ashton-Cirillo and Benedict Arnold?

SAC was part of a grand scheme to bring in the white supremist group The Proud Boys, in an effort to not only condemn Secretary of State Barbara Cegavske, but to ultimately overthrown the State GOP. When this effort was thwarted by the Clark County Republican Party, SAC turned her sights on the Las Vegas City Council seat of Michele Fiore. This may have been her/his ultimate goal all along.

Other news outlets have glossed over the most obvious paradox in this whole discussion. They have focused on infighting among the State and County GOP and missed the most important factor for Nevadans. SAC is a lying, deceitful, POS whom should never be allowed to hold public office. Her/his ACTIONS, regardless from political affiliation, or sexual orientation have boldly shown that she is unfit to hold public office. It is incredible that other outlets didn’t mention this glaring issue in the opening lines of their interviews with the unabashed Benedict Arnold.

The self described “Infiltrator” mascaraed as a Republican for some time, gathering information, friends and accomplices, like a modern day “Jezebel” waiting for the right time to spring her trap. The race appropriating Nicole Dolezal had nothing on Cirillo. At least Dolezal who posed as a Black tried to help Black. The Republican Party welcomed Cirillo with open arms and she stabbed us in the back.

How in the heck can the people of Las Vegas ever believe a word that comes out of her lying mouth, after knowingly and publicly admitting of this sin. It was as if Cirillo who went on record in many news outlets, was thumbing a middle finger at the GOP. Well more than half of Ward 6 is Republican, or didn’t you think of that?

Politics is one thing. People in politics do a lot to get things done. Harry Reid, the godfather of Democrat politics, lied about Mitt Romney’s taxes and then snarkly admitted on national TV, “It worked didn’t it.” We can all excuse that, because it is politics and coming from Democrats should be expected. In the case of SAC, this may be the first time in modern history that a Democrat infiltrated the GOP for the express purpose of causing division, and then has the gall to ask the people of the same state to overlook their deceit because she has a good agenda to run on. What?

Quite frankly, this is BS. If there was such a statute on the books, that would disqualify someone from running for office, next to the description would be a picture of SAC. She has brought a degree of shame to the job of public servants we thought vanished with Arnold. Much like the snaky adulterers Peter Strzok and Lisa Paige, SAC has brought a new low to Democrats, in today’s fight to regain some sense of honor to politics.

To the people of Nevada and the citizens of Las Vegas, vet your candidates carefully. Find out all you can about them before pulling the lever. We have made mistakes in the past, that has come back to bite us in the butt. Don’t let this “Jezebel” sneak into office because you were too lazy to do your research. Sarah Ashton-Cirillo isn’t qualified to become the next City Councilman for Ward 6 because of anything other than she is a self confessed LIAR.

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