Why the Left Are Concerned with the Return of Conservativism

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What is it about conservatives that make Liberals quake in their boots? Is it our respect for the American Flag, Old Glory and Religion? Is it like Barack Obama said in one of his speeches “they cling to their guns and religion.” Or is it something even deeper than that? Why are those on the Left concerned with the return of conservativism?

We can trace the beginnings of the conservative movement back to the 1980s, when Ronald Reagan won a decisive victory over Jimmy Carter, for the presidency of the United states. Reagan brought in a brand of ideology that has dubbed him the father of the modern conservative movement. Marked by lower taxes, limited government, a return to loving America, all of these things can be considered being a conservative.

But that in and of itself isn’t enough to scare modern day liberals. It has to be something more than that.

Ronald Reagan epitomized the modern-day equivalent of John Wayne politically. He believed in God, country, and the American way. This stands in stark opposition to Liberals, who believe in no God, no country, no borders, and especially not the American way.

Liberals are fearful that the country may see the error of their way and return to God, country, and the American way. This would be a roadblock to their ultimate goals, which is to bring America into the League of Nations as just another country. But America isn’t just another country it is as Reagan said, “a light shining up on the hill.”

Reagan believed that as a conservative, we were exceptional, that our country was exceptional, and that we could do anything if we put our mind to it. That kind of thinking could get you into trouble in Washington DC, because it’s almost like having a coach, rather than a president and Democrats want big governments dominating overarching power to control the masses. Ronald Reagan didn’t believe that in the least.

Reagan believed that when someone said I have a new program and it is being orchestrated by the government, that that meant that there were problems coming.

Reagan didn’t believe in the government, he believed in Americans and their ability to do things for themselves. This line of thinking once again flies’ smacks in the face of what Democrats want. Democrats have fought for years to control the thoughts and actions of Americans; in that way they can keep power. That is one of the reasons why conservativism is so dangerous and must be destroyed by Democrats.

Reagan also believed the individual was more powerful than the federal government. He believed that each man, if given enough freedom and enough opportunity, would be able to do anything he wanted. Some of the greatest inventions in our modern day were created by not government but by the individuals.

Elon Musk, the founder of Tesla, before he became the space pioneer that he is now, was just a smart guy with a great idea, he called PayPal. With a little bit of opportunity, Musk was able to not only develop the electric car called Tesla, but now he is leading the way for private enterprise to create spaceships, that will rocket a man not only to the moon, but to Mars.

Can you imagine what Democrats must have been thinking, when they saw that a private individual was able to accomplish something of this magnitude? That is conservativism and that’s why Democrats have such a problem with individual thought, individual action, and the ability of the individual to accomplish miraculous things. The modern-day conservative, armed with the Internet and all of the resources that are at his disposal in 2021, can do miraculous things.

2020 brought about a global pandemic, on a scale not seen in history. A biological lab in Wuhan, province in China became Ground Zero for the coronavirus and the sitting president, Donald J trump challenged the medical community to come up with a vaccine that would eradicate the corona virus. He mobilized the awesome forces of the federal government, paid in advance for all of the research and development, and product that would come out of that development, and gave the medical community one year to get the job done.

The outcome came within six months, and the coronavirus vaccine was developed. That is conservativism. Had it been left to the Democrats; we would still be wondering when a vaccine would be developed. But it took a conservative, in the mold of Reagan to accomplish such a feat. This is what Democrats don’t want anybody to see.

While Reagan was the first conservative and ushered in the era of the conservative movement, it continued after him to George Bush, the older and then George W Bush, the younger, was interrupted by Barack Obama, and then Donald Trump picked up the mantle of being the new Ronald Reagan. It wasn’t that Democrats hated Trump, they hated what he stood for.

American needs conservatives like no one’s business. If there was another conservative in power, America would once again be seen as a light shining on top of the hill.

When Donald Trump took office in 2016, he inherited an economy that was at best waffling under the stress of high taxes, a stagnant economy, and yet there was still a spark of life that needed someone who had the vision and the belief that America could do mighty things. Within the first year, Donald Trump unleashed the awesome power and potential of the American worker, and American business. He slashed taxes, removed regulations, and ushered in an era of growth, the like of which no one had ever seen before in American history.

Black unemployment dropped. Hispanic unemployment dropped. The productivity in these two groups hit historic heights. There is no denying it. Had it not been for the global pandemic of 2020, Donald Trump would have been reelected in a landslide, because facts are facts. His ideological conservative platform propelled America past every nation on the planet, and once again this flew in the face of what Democrats wanted. Democrats were believing that the next new powerhouse would be China. Joe Biden, Hillary Clinton and even those within the Republican Party, we’re betting on China, because of the number of people that China possesses. But never bet against the American spirit, nor American ingenuity.

America possesses the raw talent, and the determination and the historical acumen, which lead to innovation. Only in America can a person start out with absolutely nothing and become the richest man in the world. Take Jeff Bezos is a shining example of someone who started out with nothing, and currently is the richest man on the planet. He is not Chinese, or Japanese. He is not African, nor is he from Europe he is raw talent, developed in America. That is all because of conservative principles that allowed him to become fabulously rich and productive. Democrats don’t want you to understand that or to strive to be great.

The only way Democrats can stay in power is by making sure that another conservative does not take power in Washington DC.  Just like Ronald Reagan, that conservative will inspire a country to do great things and that is something that is hard to stop.

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