The Fall of Afghanistan, Biden’s Vietnam?

National Politics

Joe Biden in what can only be described as a sweeping move, signed an order to pull U.S. troops out of Afghanistan. Predictably, the Taliban, a group under Donald Trump had been defeated flooded back into the state. Some are saying, the fall of Afghanistan is Biden’s Vietnam.

When the U.S. military pulled out of Afghanistan a vacuum was created. The Taliban, who had vowed to take over the state immediately surged into the state. Last reports were that 2/3 of the country had been seized by the muslim extremist organization.

Former Defense Chief Robert Gates in a 2019 interview said that Joe Biden, then Vice President had been wrong on every major foreign policy decision over the past 40 years. When asked by CNN in that same interview, whether or not he thought Biden would make a good President, Gates said he didn’t know, but that he stood by his statement on the judgement of Biden.

Military Chiefs are making excuses for the surge of the Taliban in once U.S./Afghan controlled provinces. They previously claimed that the Taliban wouldn’t be a problem if the U.S. pulled out. Now that it is obvious to all that the Taliban is overrunning the State, the President is ordering the evacuation of the U.S. embassy.

This is a stunning dejavue moment. The same evacuation was recorded when U.S. embassy staff and family members were airlifted from Saigon in the last days of Vietnam. Biden insisted that this would never happen but it is almost assured.

Biden officials are negotiating with the Taliban to not attack retreating U.S. forces. Can you imagine what the world is thinking, when the world’s most formidable Super Power is cowering to a muslim extremist group that was just decimated a few months earlier?

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