The Death of Journalism is Deader Than You Think


Walter Cronkite, Ted Koppel, Peter Jennings, Jake Tapper, these are trusted names in the world of journalism, from times present and times past. But with recent revelations that our trusted sages of information were totally biased, raises the question, “Is the death of journalism, deader than we ever thought?

In a blistering tell-all account, the major mainstream media outlets were exposed for taking liberties with the news over the past 4 years. Specifically, negative stories and reporting were aimed at the former President Donald Trump. Media companies conspired to affect the outcome of the 2020 Presidential Election.

CNN, one of the leading outlets, not only cranked out story after story putting the 45th President in a bad light, but they also actively suppressed any news that gave kudos to the Commander in Chief. The question obviously is, “Isn’t journalism supposed to just report the news?” In the case of CNN, the New York Times, and others the answer is a resounding No!

Once the revelation came out, one would have thought the “News” outlets would cease their biased laced reporting, but you would have been fooling yourself. It seems that the arrogance of these “Tabloid” rags accelerated. Or had we become so used to being lied to that we did not recognize a seminal shift in the lies.

I grew up with Walter Cronkite and Phil Donahue. These keepers of all knowledge were immutable. Their very existence gave Americans a feeling of calm. If it had not been for Donahue, who came on at 4pm PST in my village, I would not have known the reality of the War in Vietnam or the Sexual Revolution of the Day.

Though Cronkite was years ahead of Jake Tapper or Tom Brokaw, we cannot ignore being suspicious of whether or not Walter was manipulating the truth in order to control the narrative of his stories. Was the war in Vietnam really as bad as reported? How much is he holding back or adding to a story to bring about an intended response?

Fast forward to some the biggest names in broadcasting. One after another the truth has come out, that they actively lied to the American viewer. Whether it was staging stories to make it seem like there was a tragedy or making full blown “whoppers” to embellish what was already a lie, the major news outlets seemed to be drunk on their own arrogance. They lied to get Trump out of office, so how can we trust them to start “reporting the news” now?

The answer is staring us all in the face. We cannot.

Sorry to rain on your parade, but if you think journalism is going to come riding back into the lexicon of society, like a knight riding in on his trusted steed, you are sadly mistaken. The largest media outlets have been publicly exposed, and nothing happened. There was no severe consequence to pay. Since there was tacit approval given, why should there be any need to change?

Unless there is severe and sustained crippling consequences against purposefully lying to the public, journalism will continue to be a partisan exercise in commentary. The public will turn on their televisions, tune in on their radios and fire up their web browser to be “programmed” and not enlightened.

Who is hurt by programming? Everyone.

The truth is out there, unfortunately for the listening public, the entire truth is not being reported by the mainstream media. When the media holds back the truth and only reports a point of view, the public is grievously damaged. Entire generations perceptions are molded and shaped by “Fake News”. A term coined by former President Donald Trump. And the President was correct. When news is not reported, rather is shaped, to conform to a particular narrative, it ceases to be news and can be categorized as “Fake”.

During the entire Trump administration, the news media conspired or were in lockstep with Democrat “Talking points”. The standard line, which has been demonstrated to be false, was that the former President had colluded with the Russian government to win the 2016 Election.

The next lie by the media, was that President Trump had committed “Impeachable” acts during a conversation with a Ukrainian President. The media pressure was so great, an impeachment trial took place. The outcome was as the President had insisted all along, that he was innocent.

The smoking gun though came when James O’Keefe’s, Project Veritas, whose undercover operations have revealed inconsistencies within Planned Parenthood and most recently CNN news. An imbedded operative was able to record a Producer from CNN admitting the efforts by the “news agency” to destroy President Trump, but once again, where was the public outrage? Most importantly where are the consequences?

The same can be said for the major social media platforms. Google, Twitter, and Facebook censored the Washington Post just weeks before the 2020 Election, by suspending the Post’s Twitter account. The Post was reporting a story about Hunter Biden and his scandalous, some might say criminal actions in Ukraine, China, and Russia. The story was squashed by the Social Media oligarchs.  That is the power and harm of a corrupt media.

Not only did these social media oligarchs purposefully censor the truth, but they also gave cover to a potentially criminal act, which may have affected the 2020 Presidential Election. Campaigns have consequences and so do media outlets. In this case the American people were not allowed the information needed to make an informed decision on the most consequential election in modern history.

We as a people must decide what we will accept, and we will not. Thus far, the decisions have been made for us by the media outlets. If we continue to allow such abuse or our trust, we will have to live with the consequences.

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