The Cause of the New Coronavirus Spread is Obvious and Predictable

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The New Coronavirus Spread Is Obvious and Predictable

A new Delta variation of the coronavirus has hit US shores. This new coronavirus spread is obvious and predictable. It can be traced back to one source and if America does not do something about it, we will continue to feel the effects of COVID well into 2022.

Here are some Facts which point to the cause of our sudden spike in the war on Coronavirus.

-The Virus has been with us since late 2019. Most Americans mathematically have been exposed to Covid by January of 2021.

-We began taking the vaccine in late 2020. Over 70% of Americans have had at least one jab of an effective vaccine. These are data points found on government sites. Some show higher levels but even at 50% this is statistically higher than receive the Flu vaccine each year.

-The numbers peaked last year and began to fall. At the height of the coronavirus pandemic Jan 21, 2021 there were 2320 new cases. That number began to plummet on Jan. 22, 2021. Remember than date.

-In January 20th the first act of  President Biden was to open the Southern Border of the US allowing into our country hundreds of thousands of illegal into our country. Remember that date. Jan. 20th, is the day Biden signed an Executive order cancelling the Trump era protections at our Southern Border.

So what do you think happened on Jan. 21st, 2021? A huge number of illegal aliens, who had been told by the then candidate Biden, “You have 100 days to get to America” started to be allowed to not only enter into the U.S. through our Southern Border, but the Trump era protections which would have returned any illegal from being “Caught and Released” was ended.

Border Patrol Agents since Jan. 20, 2021 (The day Biden was Inaugurated) have seen over 1Million arrests in the fiscal year ending June 2021. Here’s the rub, only a small percentage of those arrested have been sent back to their country of origin. That means hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens have been released into the interior of our country.

A growing percentage of those illegals were covid Positive. While the Biden Administration is calling for more Americans to receive the Covid vaccine, at our southern border, more immigrants are testing positive for the coronavirus. 

Daily the American public is inundated with calls to “Get Vaxxed”. In the latest effort by Biden Administration, they have reverted to vaccine shaming those who, for whatever reason, choose to not be vaccinated. 

Now in an almost coordinated “Disinformation” campaign, Washington, the media, Social Media and Hollywood are pushing the narrative that 90% of the new cases of the New Delta variant of the coronavirus is solely attributed to the “Unvaxxed”. We’ll circle back to that narrative.

Distribution of Covid

The covid positive illegals were put on buses and were secretly distributed around the country. All of the sudden we get a rise in covid positive cases in America. This is the most insidious part of the Coronavirus Hoax. After a year of developing a “Herd Immunity” among the vaxed and unvaxed American population, the Biden Administration allowed a new strain of the Coronavirus to enter into our country. 

You do the math.

We are a country of 330M souls. For over a year we have been bumping into each other, sleeping and eating with each other in hamlets and towns across the fruited plain. Heck some of us have had COVID, passed it to our spouses and never even knew it. They developed a natural immunity to the virus and most likely all of the other poor slobs who came in contact with them. The scientist called it “Herd Immunity”. 

All of that was shot out the window when the Biden Administration secretly bused into our communities illegal aliens with the new Delta Variant. Here’s another diabolical thing, You didn’t even see it coming. You probably just thought you got a new neighbor next door from California. That new neighbor could have been carrying the Delta variant they picked up from an illegal alien weeks ago. And because it was done secretly, there is no contact tracing to find its origin.

The rise in covid positive cases isn’t due to the unvaccinated American citizens. They have been exposed to covid for over a year. We have hit herd immunity months ago, that’s why our number began to fall and the only reason for the spike can be traced from those entering our country from our Southern Border.

If America wants to stop the spread of COVID here in America, we must close our Southern Border. It’s just that simple.