The Bulls#* in Chief At Tulsa Speech

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Joe Biden made a speech in Tulsa, Oklahoma on the week on the 100th Anniversary of the Tulsa Massacre. His speech cemented into the conscience of thinking people, that Joe Biden is the “Bullshitter in Chief” and I’ll tell you why.

The Tulsa Massacre happened between May 31st and June 1, 1921 when a young shoeshine boy by the name of Dick Rowland went to us an elevator manned by a young white teenage girl by the name of Sarah Page. It isn’t clear what happened in the elevator, whether a machine malfunction or whatever but it was alleged that the young man bumped into the white girl startling her.

The boy ran from the elevator and back to work. The girl reported the incident and an arrest warrant was issued for the boy. While the boy was in jail anger began to erupt amongst the white townspeople. They wanted to lynch the black boy who dared to molest the white girl. Tempers flaired as the black townspeople of Greenwood came out in defense of the black boy.

Greenwood was the first prosperous, all black city within the City of Tulsa. It boasted of stores, schools, banks, the nations largest black owned hotel and many prosperous black merchants and landowners. It was called the Black Wall Street and was looked upon as a model for what an all black village was able to accomplish, especially since segregation was rampant in America. Blacks were only able to do business, purchase goods and services amongst themselves.

Greenwood would only last for another 48 hours. After the armed citizens of Greenwood came out in defense of the youth who was still in the custody of the Tulsa Sheriff, went home after a brief skirmish with white members of the Tulsa community, that ensuing morning the city became the site of the largest attack on a black community in history.

The City with its buildings, churches, banks and restaurants were burned to the ground. Some 200 people were murdered by the white rioters of Tulsa and their bodies thrown into mass graves. No one from white Tulsa was ever charged with a crime. Even the insurance companies refused to pay out any claims to the people who lost their entire town.

Now some 100 years later Joe Biden came before the people to make promises of reparations and consolation to the citizens of modern day Tulsa. Here is where the irony and hypocrisy and frankly the Bullshit comes in.

Kamala Harris stood on a national stage and made an indictment of then candidate Biden. She said he was the reason why segregation was still alive and well during the time she was a child being bused. Joe Biden was also a supporter of the very KKK and segregationist he stood so boldly denouncing in front of the Tulsa crowd.

Biden even was mentored by Robert “KKK” Byrd who was a Kleagle and Exalted Cyclops of the KKK as early as the 2000’s. This same Joe Biden stood in front of a clueless group of black, brown and yellow people clapping like baby harp seals at every word he uttered, pontificating about how in 1920 there were so many members of Congress who were members of the KKK.

Ku Klux Klan members hold a march in Washington, D.C., on Aug. 9, 1925.

Crap, Joe. Kamala was arguing with you that YOU were part of that old racist guard. How in the bloody hell could this guy have the balls to stand in front of a national audience and tell the world, “We have to face our past, not run from it.” When he is our past, right here and right now?

As one commentator put it, “There isn’t a major piece of crime legislation since the 1970’s til now that doesn’t have Joe Bidens name on it.” This legislation has has a disproportionate effect on….guess who? The Black Community. And now our Bullshitter in Chief is standing in front of a more than clueless, I would say ignorant group of Lemmings just gobbling it up like Thanksgiving dinner. Here’s the kicker. None of it will pass the Senate.

So Biden is once again promising the Black community that he’ll make the seas rise and the water well full but in reality knows in his heart none of what he says will happen even has a slim shot in hell.

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