Steven Horsford Backed by Abortionist Group


In what can only be called ghoulish and barbaric, Nevada Congressman Steven Horsford (D) has been given the blessings of abortionist group. The abortion rights group NARAL Pro-Choice America announced recently it is endorsing 12 House Democrats ahead of next year’s midterm elections.

Democrats have long conceded their fears of a redwave during the upcoming midterm elections. Could it be that one of the seats the abortion lobby fears the most vulnerable seat is occupied by Horsford? Republicans have bet on the fact that Nevada, which historically has been a Red State but in recent years has tilted Blue, will again become a conservative stronghold.

NARAL, which fights for the abortion lobby, which practices include the killing of babies, has found a candidate they believe holds their values in Steven Horsford. It isn’t that far-fetched to believe since Horsford, a man who divorced his longtime wife over a decades long affair with his mistress, all while professing to be a church-going christian. In spite of the facts Horsford is an adulterer and now frontman for the Abortion Lobby, whose mission is to kill babies in the womb under the guise of “Female Reproductive Rights” still has strong support among Nevada Democrats.

To see where Nevada stacks up in its position on Abortion and what organizations like NARAL and supporters like Steven Horsford, Governor Sisolak and NVDEMS stand behind take a look at a FACT SHEET produced by NARAL on their own website. Here