Slavery and How We Should Deal With Our Ugly Past

National News

Over the past 12 years I have been watching our great nation wrangle over the original sin of America, slavery and how we should deal with our ugly past. On one side there are the Talking Heads in the Media who say America may have had its past but since I wasn’t there 100 years ago, I shouldn’t have to feel guilty about it (I agree) and that there are no lingering effects of America’s past.

On the other side are Democrats who say, America is systemically racist (aint that the pot calling the kettle black) and that whites should not only feel perpetually guilty but should right those wrongs by retraining themselves to see how racist they are.

Then there are the race baiting hustlers, whom will remain nameless, are just stoking the fires of ancient hate and egging on those gullible enough to listen to them. They are selling books, lecturing Ivy League white Liberals in academia, and the military. They have even got the ear of the Democrat President Joe Biden.

I am here to add my two cents to the conversation. As a Black writer, historian and conservative Christian I think my viewpoints are not only practical but sensible. It may come as a surprise to many, but America has had a checkered past which is written about in historical books but not taught in schools. Blacks and Whites have had to work hard to get ahead but statically Blacks make less, and historically have had to fight to become a part of the standard institutional careers in America.

Briefly, in the Military Blacks have served since the nations founding but our experience was much different that our white counterparts. West Point all but destroyed the first black office candidates for decades. One other example. At NASA, an institution which should have risen above color, segregated the women featured in the Hollywood film, “Hidden Figures”, who helped land a man on the moon.

Let us just say White Americans see America different than Blacks. Notice I never said America is systemically racist. I just said, perception is a funny thing.

The Solution.

The Solution to the problem in America isn’t Critical Race Theory. The Solution isn’t reverse racism to somehow make things “Equitable”. The solution is for “Talking Heads” on the Left and the Right to stop talking and for Americans to start forgiving Americans. Finally, admit that you can’t change the past and get on with the business of living in the present and planning for the future.

I know this sounds simplistic, but the truth sometimes is. There is a biblical passage that says to “Love others as you would have them love you.” No one is asking for a handout or to trip over yourself to accommodate anyone. All we are saying is “Stop listening to race baiting people, who are making a killing on book sales, by telling you to hate your brother.”

Black people, stop giving your time, money, and energy to “Civil Rights” groups and start educating yourselves, loving your families and creating jobs. If you see an injustice by all means voice your outrage. Defend those who can’t speak for themselves. But if someone is telling you that you can’t have the American Dream because of a “Racist System in America”, then ask yourself, “Well how did all of those rich Blacks over the last 100 years get so rich and famous?”

On the 100th Anniversary of Greenwood, OK (The Black Wall Street) take a lesson from our elders. They didn’t need BLM, CRT or Stacey Abrams. These jackals are getting rich off of your misery and discontent. The families in Greenwood showed us, that despite great odds Blacks are capable of doing amazing things.