Should Conservatives Boycott the Woke Left?

National Politics

Coca Cola, Twitter, Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream and Hollywood have declared war on American freedom. Recently Georgia became ground zero for the Woke Left’s attempt to Cancel Culture. The Governor of Georgia signed bipartisan legislation that made it easier for voters to cast their ballots but also made this most quintessential of rights more secure.

The response from the woke left was predictable and swift, like clockwork, Stacy Abrams who spearheaded the most effective voter registration and get out the vote effort in our lifetime called for action. The problem? That action came in the form of corporations such as Coca Cola, Major League baseball, Will Smith’s production company and a whole host of “woke” leftist to boycott the Peach State.

Cancel Culture had found a new whipping boy and it came in the form of the State of Georgia. Corporations from the least the biggest descended upon the Peach State in an effort to show how “Woke” they really were. It seems that today, if a corporation wants to show how ethnically diverse or attune to the culture they must bow to the liberal left in society.

Delta Airlines was among the first of the high-profile corporations to stick its nose in the fight along with Major League baseball which cancelled its All-Star game scheduled for later in the year. These corporations seemingly without reading the legislation they were objecting to make the conscious decision to boycott a State who has more open voting laws than the State where the MLV moved their game, Denver, Colorado.

Stacy Abrams had unleashed a whirlwind of angry in an attempt to gain a political advantage. Ironically, Abrams would offer a speedy retreat when her own community realized they would be financially impacted to the tune of $100M when the MLB All-Star game pulled out of Georgia.

When will those on the Right stand up and fight back for what is right? In the last survey of political attitudes, it was discovered that not only is America still a center right country but politically Conservatives control a staggering majority of power across America. With this new information in hand Republicans should flex their sizable muscle and push back against the vocal minority of the Leftist in society.

It is up to Conservatives to pushback and if necessary, so corporate America that they will not be pushed around anymore. The Woke Left is a vocal minority in the guise of the Righteous Majority. They talk big talk but in reality, their only strength is in their ability to keep the wool pulled over the eyes of the Conservative Majority.