Should Americans Trade Their Freedom to be Vaxxed?

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According to former Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, Americans should trade their freedom to be vaxxed. In an Instagram rant, the Terminator, who routinely has been spotted puffing on a billowing cigar, went on Instagram and told his audience that we all should work together to stop the spread of the coronavirus.

In a somewhat hypocritical rant Schwarzenegger postulated that anyone who didn’t get the vaccine was a “schmuck”. He went on to say that just because you have the freedom to take the vaccine or not, doesn’t make it alright because you affect other people.

This is the same Arnold Schwarzenegger who routinely pollutes the air with Cuban cigar smoke. This is the same guy who has no problem supporting the horrifying and life stealing act of Abortion. All of the sudden, when it comes to Covid-19 he has an epiphany and says, yes I must be my brothers keeper. Well Arnold it doesn’t work that way.

The reason why so many Americans, many of whom are minorities, refuse to take the vaccine run the gambit. Some people may not take it for religious reasons, some for more practical reasons like for medical reasons. And there are those who on a more philosophical level refuse to be told by an all powerful government, that they must do something while living in a Free country.

Whatever the reason, historically, there is a percentage of the nation, who for whatever reason will never accept the vaccine. Statically over 71% of the country has received the vaccine. That number is well above the number of people who normally would be vaccinated yearly for the Flu. That number is around 50% of Americans.

Among the Black community, the number of people receiving the vaccine is around 39%. This number may never go any higher and for good reason. Old Schwarzenegger may find this surprising, but black folks don’t trust the U.S. government when it comes to vaccines.

Back in the 40’s and through to the 70’s a group of Black men were experimented on by the U.S. government. The test was to see what the effects of Psyphillis on a human being. When members of the black community found out about this horrific experiment the reaction was predictable.

So Arnold you may sit on your high horse and lump all Americans into your bucket of Schmucks but the truth is, there is a reason for vaccine hesitancy. Not all Americans are “Don’t tell me what to do, conspiracy theorist”. Some people have deep seeded, factual reasons for not being vaccinate. Nothing you or any “Thumb-sucking” dumbell lifting elitest can say that will change their minds.

Rather than pointing the finger of shame on a people who already are giving “Medical” doctors the “side eye”. The Federal government should work on convincing the public that the experimental vaccine is the best thing in the world for them. It is easier to attract flies to honey.

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