Setting the Record Straight On the CCRCC Meeting


There are already calls for the head of Chairman Sadjak, Political Director McClean and other members of the Clark County Central Committee. Maybe some are warranted and maybe not, but a clarification on the meltdown at Tuesday evenings Membership meeting are in order. As this reporter was on hand from the beginning of the debacle to the time when police began showing up, I thought you should know what I saw.

To start off, many of the people who thought they were members of the CCRP had been thrown off the rolls, myself included. As a former Public Relations Director, political insider and nice guy, I was upset but alright it isn’t the end of the world.

The long lines and who loves long lines, were another reason to be upset. As an adult living in Las Vegas for nearly 60 years, I found it barely disturbing, but once again it could be overlooked. I said, hello to friends and invited guests, and tried to smooth over their already growing angst at the shear ill-preparedness of the event. I assured them that it was going to get worse before it got better (of course I was being facetious) But little did I know how prophetic I was.

All of the sudden, a tall young guy was voicing his opinion about not being able to enter into the meeting, as a voting member. He was loud, angry and judging at his level of hostility, he was doing it on purpose. I mentioned this to one of the Trustees of the CCRP. she all but defended his right to be a total asshole. I then told her, that this individual was a member of the Proud Boys and that they didn’t give a whit’s end about the political process or their rights. All they wanted was to start trouble.

This same sort of prodding of the crowd, continued with another member of the Proud Boys, who had made his way amongst the crowd. He was heard shouting, “Richard McClean”. Richard McClean….” and then as if it came out of a Hollywood movie, the chants, “Let us in, Let us in”…. “Let’s storm the doors…”. OMG was anyone really silly enough to actually try and replay the January 6th Capital storming, this time in the atrium of Spring Valley H.S.? Hell ya, and they did.

Literally a hundred nameless, faceless people, who before seemed to be sensible and in their right minds, became friggin homecidal maniacs. They were trying to push the security guards out of their way to enter a Private meeting held by the CCRCC. I was mortified and to put it mildly, embarrassed that I was witnessing this lawless act by a mob.

As I was escorting my invited guests from the growing unrest, I stopped and informed one of the Trustees that the violence was being sparked by the Proud Boys. Yes, the CCRCC may have been wholly inept in their execusion of a membership drive, meeting or voting on new officers but there was no excuse for the storming of the H.S. by valley attendees.

Just like the storming of the Capital building on January 6th, many would argue that the people were right to be upset at the election, the two-tiered system of justice, etc… Everyone should be upset BUT and this is a BIG BUTT. There is no excuse in mob violence. Someone could have been killed!!!! Someone could have been shot. All for what?

Why did this happen? Two things can be blamed for the mob violence and subsequent recess of the CCRCC meeting on Tuesday evening. 1. People were duped to commit violence by the white-supremacist henchmen of the Proud Boys sect. They and any of their affiliates or supporters should be shunned and not allowed to participate in any reputable organizations or meetings. 2. The frustration of the people, who lost their ever loving Christian minds in a moment of madness. Before walking out the doors, all those involved in last nights event should thank God no one was hurt or killed during those brief moments of insanity.

I’m reminded of the stories of mob violence recorded in our history books. Many people look back at those stories and say, “That could never happen today, and especially not to me” but of the couple hundred people who we tried to dissuade to not get caught up in the violence of Tuesday night, only a handful walked the other direction, while the rest of the horde stormed the gates. Not only could it happen today, it did.

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