Why Progressives Are Hypocrites in Rewriting History in Their Own Image


In NYC a statute of Thomas Jefferson which had stood in place for nearly 200 years was removed in yet another attempt to rewrite history. Jefferson, the man who wrote the Declaration of Independence and one of the most famous men in world history, was a slave owner. He along with many historical characters in American history are being targeted by Restorative Justice advocates that are attempting to rewrite American history absent these historical figures.

All of this started a few years ago when a handful of activist, claiming that history in America was only a representation of one side of reality. They believed that historical figures should be purged from the American lexicon based upon present day morals, ideas and norms.

In the beginning Confederate statues were targeted for removal. Republicans railed against the removal of the statues, not because they felt confederate generals like Lee and Jackson were on the right side of history but because there was no debate or discussion on the removal of the statues. Democrats and Restorative Justice activist took it upon themselves to take down the statues.

At the time President Donald Trump spoke on the issue saying, “When will it stop? Are you going to take down statues of George Washington, or Thomas Jefferson?” Little did anyone know, how prophetic the 45th president of the United States was. In less than a year, a statue of Thomas Jefferson was being removed in New York City because Jefferson was a slave owner.

Restorative Justice advocates believe that past historical figures should be viewed and if necessary judged by today’s standards and norms. So anyone who owned slaves for example must be judged and looked at in a new light. But what about today’s Democrats? Shouldn’t they be judged by those same standards they put upon historical figures?

If we are honest, there are some things every Democrat practices or supports that isn’t just as bad as holding slaves but actually should thought of as barbaric and unacceptable. We’ve put together just a few of these to make our point.

Land Stolen from “Native Americans”. In the eyes of these social justice warriors, the very land we call America was stolen land. But if you are an American and live in America aren’t you just as guilty of benefitting from the land stolen from Native Americans?

A statue of Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. stands outside of the Brown AME Chapel in Selma, Ala., Sunday, March 8, 2009, on the 44th anniversary of the Voting Rights March from Selma to Montgomery. (AP Photo/Kevin Glackmeyer)

The solution to this issue, is for every Democrat who is so offended by the unfair taking of land from the North American Indians, is to immediately give their homes to native Americans. Or better yet, give back the land and leave the country. That would be the best solution. The problem with this solution is hypocritical Democrats are only interested in rewriting history that doesn’t include them.

Supporters of Abortion- As we all know abortion is murder, plain and simple. Democrats believe that a woman has the right to kill her baby because it is the mother’s body carrying the unborn human. But the reality is she is chosing to kill another person. In the future this one act will be seen by all as the worst thing a human could ever support.

Every Democrat by extension of their Party platform is guilt of supporting Abortion. It is one of their key tenets and cannot be denied if you want to be a true Democrat. Shouldn’t every Democrat then be looked at as murderers and be judged in light of this fact?

If all Democrats are murderers shouldn’t they just be lumped in with every other criminal, lose their ability to vote or hold office? Shouldn’t they voluntarily give up their rights to posses a gun registration or security clearance? In fact, murderers are felons. Shouldn’t every Democrat be considered a felon because they support the wholesale slaughter of innocent babies each and every day?

Oh, but in the eyes of Democrats that’s different. They aren’t former slaveowners who can’t stick up for themselves. They are above being called Land grabbing, baby killers. They are the exalted arbiters of the culture and can’t be judged because they are the all knowing, perfection of modern civilization.

It is shear hypocrisy for social justice warriors to parade around tearing down statues, renaming schools, buildings and whole institutions because they feel historically the person did something that at the time was normal. We don’t revel in the fact that most of the Founding Fathers were slaveowners. We certainly don’t advocate for Confederate soldiers who fought and died to keep slavery in America. What we do believe in is the slow and steady move in America towards a perfect Union.

America is a great land, full of imperfect people moving towards a noble goal. Individually we may never see that More Perfect Union but still we press on towards that goal.