New Chairman of NVGOP Announced But His Troubles Are Just Beginning

Editorial Nevada

This week Michael McDonald became the longest running elected Chairman of the Nevada Republican Party after winning a landslide re-election in a state election in Winemucca, NV. Chairman McDonald won an unpresidented 6th term as the leader of the 5th largest state in the nation, but his troubles are still ahead of him as the Clark County Republican Central Committee continues to iron out its battle for leadership.

Many of our readers recall the last few months of rangling between two factions within the “County” party vying for control over the nearly 80% of the conservative voting block in the state. Still after months of legal battles, elections and judgments there still seems to be no clear governing body for the Republican voting block in Clark County.

Each side claiming to be “The” official Executive Board has been met with what can only be described as vile and vicious attacks by members of the county party on Twitter and Facebook. Each day a new epitaph is written about the members representing Carrie Buck and her Executive Board members and Jesse Law and his Executive Board.

Chairman McDonald rather than attempting to bring the warring factions together has chosen to take the low rode as watch a large number of conservatives leave the Party all together. Republican party members have had enough of the infighting and have chosen to not participate in the feud.

The Nevada Conservative reached out the State Party for a comment on the latest ruling. Our request for a judges determination on who legally can call themselves the Clark County Republican Central Committee has still not been returned. We hope to receive a response shortly.

At issue here isn’t whether one side should be legally able to call themselves the CCRCC. It is quite plausible that both Boards could work side by side to help candidates, deal with issues and return Nevada to its conservative roots. This form of representation happens in other locals, where there is need.

The question still remains, will someone in the room make the move to tamp down this feud and start fighting with the real enemy. Those in the Democrat Party are more than willing to watch Republicans airing their vile attacks on each other on Facebook for the world to see.

As a matter of fact, if it weren’t for Republicans attacking Republicans on social media, Democrats wouldn’t have half the ammunition to attack Republicans during the campaign cycle. As a Ronald Reagan Republican and someone who has seen enough to know this isn’t healthy, my advice to the newly re-elected Chairman, time for a come to Jesus meeting or suffer yet another defeat.