Nevada’s New Mask Mandate Takes Effect Friday


At Friday midnight Nevada again instituted a New Mask Mandate requiring all persons, whether fully vaccinated or not to wear masks inside or in large gatherings.

CDC Director, Rochelle Wallensky denied that the data used to issue the edict was based upon data from a vaccine used in India. This vaccine is not legally available in the U.S. She went on to say, the data used was from a review from a Connecticut study.

The CDC sites the emergence of a new Delta variant, which is much more aggressive. The number of people being effected by the variant has spiked and yet the total number of people hospitalized or have died is still down. According to the CDC these numbers warrant imposing the new mask mandate but that at this point mandatory vaccinations are not on the table.

Historically, there have always been those who for whatever reason refuse to take the vaccine. They site reasons ranging from freedom of choice to religious reasons. The Biden administration went on the offensive and said of these people, “I thought you were smarter than that.” which raised questions as to the tactics taken by the President of the United States.

Nevada is at ground zero for the new mask mandate. We are a tourist destination and host some of the largest conventions in the world. It makes sense that if there was to be a spread of COVID, it would occur here. Yet , there hasn’t been a strategic program to address this obvious situation.

Governor Sisolak has spent the better part of a year following the coattails of Gavin Newsome, the embattled Governor of California. Rather than take a leadership stance in the battle against the Coronavirus, Sisolak has been virtually silent.

The issue many people are concerned with here in Nevada is the effects of a new mask mandate on the economy of a tourist heavy State. What will this do to an already reeling restaurant and casino paradigm? Will employers have to consider shutting down again? Will they have to adapt and employ robots to replace employees, who will invariably site health concerns and opt to not continue to work?

With the school year just around the corner, the question in the back of everyone’s mind, “will there be another shutdown?” The head of the nation’s largest teachers union says, no, but there are still two weeks left before the new year begins. If there is another shutdown of schools, it will be two years that our nations children will have missed.

In states like Florida, Texas and Dakota, where their states Governors refused to shutdown their schools or economy, things will continue as usual. Here in the State of Nevada Governor Sisolak took draconian measures and completely shut down the states economy and schools, leaving many to question if it could ever happen again.