Nevada Joins List of States Adding Mail-in Ballots


The 81st meeting of the Nevada House ended this week and as was expected NVDEMS took advantage of their majorities in both Houses of Congress to ram through the most progressive Wishlist of legislation in the State’s history. In one of those bills, Nevada joins a list of States adding mail-in ballots. Never before in the history of Nevada has such an aggressive set of Laws, Amendments and outright lawless attempts at raising taxes been attempted. In one case, as with the attempt to unconstitutionally raising Nevada taxes, the State Supreme Court had to intervene on the balled face attempt at circumventing the 2/3 constitutional requirement in order to raise taxes.

It Democrats were so emboldened with a brazen unconstitutional move then we shouldn’t have been surprised at some of the measures put forth and passed along Party lines in Carson City. We’ll take a look at some of the most egregious. Most if not all of these measures were forewarned by advocacy groups such as the Nevada GOP and Nevada Policy Research Institute, which spent months covering the Session.

AB 321: Makes universal mail voting and ballot harvesting permanent. This bill would ensure that voting irregularities, ballot harvesting, and all the issues we saw in the 2020 elections would continue. It would also cost millions of dollars to facilitate.

AB 126: Takes away the rights of political parties to determine how they will select their nominee for President by mandating that the nominee will be chosen in a separate Presidential Primary Election. This accelerates the timeline of the primaries in Nevada which could conflict and penalize our political parties on a National scale. Implementation of this bill will cost Nevada’s taxpayers

AB495 was a monster tax hike on Nevada’s mining industry despite the state swimming in cash thanks to the Blue State Bailout ($4.3 billion) and surplus tax revenue ($500 million) due to the state recovering from the Sisolak Shutdown faster than predicted.

SB 292: enables straight-ticket voting here in Nevada. Straight-ticket voting allows voters to choose a party’s ENTIRE slate of candidates with just a single ballot mark. It discourages voter engagement and informed voting. Informed voters help improve the election process and ensure that the best candidate is elected to represent the concerns they have, an aspect of elected office Democrats in the Legislature HATE.

SB 420: Sponsored by Democrat Senate Majority Leader Nicole Cannizzaro. This bill creates a government-run public option in the state of Nevada which will cost Nevadans $77 Million in its first two years, and nearly $200 million in the following two years. According to the legislature’s own fiscal notes, the ongoing costs will be tens of millions of dollars every year after that.

AB 261: Creates an environment on youth indoctrination. This bill will mandate all school districts to adopt curriculum grounded in critical race theory (CRT). 

The next meeting of the Nevada Legislature, if no special session is called by the Governor won’t be for another 2 years. By then the midterm elections will have been held and new Legislators seated. If Conservatives in Nevada ever hope to see our State become an economic and educational powerhouse, significant changes must happen in Carson City.

Several candidates have announced their runs for the Governors Offices, as well as Senate. Now is the time to get moving before we see a repeat of the 2021 Legislative Meltdown in Carson City.