Mainstream Media Second Look at Wuhan Origin

National News

President Donald Trump stood before the podium, and as usual was peppered with questions about the origin of the then China virus. Reporters from CNN, MSNBC and the cadre of other mainstream types paraded in a dance of “whodunit” and “Prove It” questions who kept insisting that he had been briefed on the origins of the Coronavirus.

There were calls from the Press to produce this evidence. The President insisted that the Wuhan Lab where the virus was first detected was the origin of the virus. Reporters and those on the Left side of the isle not only defended the Chinese accounts of the origin of the pandemic but called the President irresponsible for making such claims.

It would be some 12 months later that evidence has emerged vindicating the statements made by then President Trump and his Secretary of State Mike Pompeo. Both men said that there was indisputable evidence that the Chinese lab in Wuhan province was ground zero for the Coronavirus.

The men went on the state that Anthony Fauci, and the WHO were running cover for the Communist Peoples Republic of China. Fauci would be trotted out weekly to give “expert” opinion on how to combat the virus, all along assuring the American public that the coronavirus in fact was a naturally occurring virus, whose origin was a mystery.

Over the past few weeks reports have emerged that not only was Dr. Fauci completely wrong in his assessment of the origin of the Wuhan China Virus but that he may be at the center of this entire debate. Reports state that Dr. Fauci had authorized funding of research called “Gain of Function” into how to make a super virus. This research was an effort to combat the most threatening viruses.

The Wuhan Lab was a super research facility doing the “Gain of Function” research. It is suspected that the coronavirus was being genetically altered and that through some sketchy practices, the virus was accidentally allowed to escape from the facility. But over the past year, no mainstream news outlet would even consider this as a possibility, until now.

All of the major news outlets including Dr. Fauci are now considering that the cause of the Coronavirus was an accidental release from a lab in Wuhan province. If true, the Chinese government is at fault for the largest manmade disaster in history and should be held accountable for the outbreak which has killed millions of people around the world.

Add to this culpability of the Chinese government is the coverup which has lasted since the beginning of the outbreak. Chinese officials from day one have refused to allow government inspectors to investigate the origin of the pandemic. It has been over a year and the Communist Peoples Government of China have refused onsight inspection of their government labs.

A third and fourth accomplice in this global pandemic has been the World Health Organization who assured the planet that the Chinese government was innocent in the outbreak. The American media, for their part is as guilty as any of the above. Their part was in not investigating the claims by the former US President Donald Trump, not because they thought his claims were ridiculous. President Trump had the awesome powers of the Federal government at his disposal. The intelligence he had exposure to should have been a green light to the mainstream media.

No the only reason why the mainstream media (CNN, MSNBC, New York Times, etc…) refused to even consider the origin story of President Trump could be true was purely political and partisan. President Trump had been vilified by the MSM for over 3 years. There was an effort to exclusively report negative information on him. The media could not and would not act upon the information given by the President because they hated him.

Asked why there was no serious consideration into the claims of the President, spokesmen for CNN said, “If a man has been caught in lies so many times, he is at fault for our not believing him when he is telling the truth.” Tell that to the tens of millions of people across the globe, who lost their lives at the hands of a media and the Communist Peoples Republic of China, who for the past year have been engaged in a coverup and denial campaign of epic proportions.