The Defense Rests in the Kyle Rittenhouse Case

National News

Kenosha, Wisconsin will never be the same as the defense rests in the Kyle Rittenhouse murder case. The now 18 year old Rittenhouse stands on trial for the shooting of 4 people. 2 of where killed during a mob riot in 2020 on the streets of Wisconsin.

The young Rittenhouse, then 17 began the weeks long trial accused of fatally using an AR-15 rifle to kill rioters during the summer of burning that leaked over into Kenosha, Wisconsin. Prosecutors claim that young Rittenhouse was out to make a name for himself as he lied to witnesses that he was a certified EMT.

Along with these claims prosecutors allege Rittenhouses’ use of deadly force went beyond statutory limits. That Rittenhouse, who knew that the crowd of rioters burning the businesses and homes of the resident of the town didn’t want the burning to stop. In addition, prosecution believed that Rittenhouse could have used any number of methods to avoid being the target of the rioters.

Defense attorneys for Rittenhouse alleged that Kyle was well within his rights as a citizen to not only carry the AR-15 rifle, but when confronted by Joseph Rosenbaum a convicted child molester, that Kyle was left with no choice but to use deadly force in self Defense.

The burden of proof was left on the prosecution, who was admonished on more than one occasion during the trial. JudgeBruce Schroeder sternly told the prosecution that he didn’t believe their excuses for bringing up testimony excluded by the judge.

The case took many turns during the week. On several occasions the jury, was asked to leave the courtroom as the Judge discussed matters sensitive to the case. As the case was televised before a national audience little was left to speculation as to the facts of the case.

Liberal media pundits took full advantage of the case to interject their brand of reality. All of the people involved in the case were white Americans and yet pundits from all of the major media brands dubbed the case a racist trial. It was amazing to hear not only members of the media, but prior to the case coming to trial, then candidate Joe Biden condemn Rittenhouse as a “White Supremist”.

Today final arguments were presented by both sides of the case. Prosecutors continued to expand their explanation as to why Rittenhouse should be guilty. The transformation of the charges and motives for the shootings at the end of the trial bore no resemblence to those from the outset of the case.

The defense maintained the innocence of the now 18 year old Rittenhouse. Their case hinged on the fact that their client felt his life was in jeopardy and that he was given no alternative but to shoot the rioters on that fateful day. In the end it was up to the prosecution to prove that Rittenhouse was guilty and that burden, in the eyes of most of the viewing audience was not proven.

The case went to the jury for deliberation but that isn’t the end of the matter. State National Guards were mobilized to keep the peace in the event of rioting. There were death threats and threats of violence if the verdict was innocent for Rittenhouse.