Judge Orders Proud Boys Must Go


Judge Elizabeth Gonzalez has been busy this week. Twice within 24 hours she has heard cases involving the Clark County Republican Party and members of an Activist organization. Matt Anthony and Rudy Clai members of the Proud Boys organization filled suit naming the CCRP and the Nevada Republican Party.

In the suit they alleged a right to become members of the Party. Judge Gonzalez ruled that because the CCRP is a private organization the plaintiffs have no right to become members. Members of the activist group were being denied membership because of accusations they harrassed and threatened a local elected woman.

Richard McClean, Political Director and Trustees of the CCRP, voted in an emergency meeting to deny members of the Proud Boys access to the upcoming meeting which was scheduled for Tuesday night. Then the meeting was cancelled due to concerns there would be disruption during the meeting by the group. A messaging campaign circulated on the internet encouraged attendance to the cancelled meeting which some did attend.

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