Juan Williams is a Total Idiot

National Politics

I am dictating this so please excuse me. We all know Juan Williams, the ex-NPR reporter, who was fired a number of years ago because he dared to say something against the liberal mantra that he’s been saying for years. Juan subsequently was picked up by Fox News and became a regular on the station. Ironically Juan who was betrayed by his Democrat friends and family and was embraced by the Republicans still feels that he has some duty To carry the water for the Democrat party. In my eyes Juan Williams is a complete and total idiot.

How can a man who has been stabbed in the back by the very people he has defended for years go on nationwide TV on a show that has embraced him, paid his bills, embraced his family and yet still call those very same people bad.
It’s almost as though he has drank the Kool-Aid that dissolved his brain.

Many of you know I am an African-American and as such do not carry the water for the Democrat party and never have. As a matter of fact my main mission in life is to open the eyes of other African-Americans so that they can see that the Democrat party is not their friend.

Jesse waters who is the cohost of the Five and has his own show, said some thing that I’ve been saying for years. The Democrat party and those in it back in 1861 fight to the death to keep Black people enslaved.
Let me say it again Democrats gave the last ounce of blood to make sure Black people were enslaved. The same Democrats over 100 years later are still giving their last bit of blood to make sure that Black people are enslaved. Juan Williams is no different than those white farmers in plantation owners back in the 1800s.
He has given his last to make sure that Black people are enslaved for the rest of their lives. And for that one Williams will always be an idiot.

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