Biden Signs Historic Infrastructure Bill

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President Joe Biden today signed an historic infrastructure bill setting the course for what could be the most expensive tax hike in American history. Needing the help of 13 Republicans, Democrats were able to drag one of the few bills ever to make it through both houses of congress and to the presidents desk.

House Republicans were divided over the bill which Democrats touted as the most consequential bill in a generation. Inside the bill were funds to address the aging roads, bridges and communications grid. But it was on the matter of hidden funds most Republicans dug in their heals.

Democrats have long been wanting a wishlist of Green New Deal items. A second bill put forth by the Progressive Wing of the Democrat Party failed to make it over the line and died in committee. Progressives like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and other ultra Socialist Democrats threatened to not vote to pass the Presidents strictly infrastructure bill if their Green New Deal Bill wasn’t included.

In the end, Progressives trusted moderate Democrats and voted to pass the Infrastructure Bill which Biden signed into law. It was an awkward ceremony where Biden seemed to not know where he was or what he was signing. At one point he called the Bill and Executive Order. In another instance he fumbled to find his mask although being fully vaccinated with a booster shot.