Infighting Begins Between NV Chairs


With a recently released newsletter from Clark County Republican Party Chair Carrie Buck the infighting begins between NV Chairs. You can read the letter here.

Why the Fighting

To understand the current affair in the political struggle for control of Nevada one must go back at least a decade. Nearly a decade ago, Michael McDonald assumed the helm of Chairman of the NVGOP. The blowback was swift and loud.

Former City Councilman McDonald brought to the office of the Chairman a less than stellar record. He had been involved in dealings which many people precluded him from becoming State Chairman. This would be just the beginning of the woes to the Party, for McDonald although he had his past was not the only person who drew the attention of the party faithful in the years to come.

Next would be a congo line of hated leaders at the State level and the County level, the most recent David Sajdak. In the case of Sajdak the hatred trancended the party faithful to the two men hating each other. The scud missiles would fly during County party meetings, online and via videos. All the while the once Red State of Nevada suffered loss after loss at the battle box.

It never mattered to those fighting that we were losing the State to the socialist Left. The fight between Good and Evil (personalities) was what mattered. If it wasn’t a fight over money, it was fight over meetings. Because McDonald actually lived in Clark County, the State Party would schedule events that were percieved as a usurpation of the jurisdiction of the Clark County Party.

Exit David Sajdak and enter Carrie Buck.

By now Nevada had been on a losing streak of historic porportions. Never in our States history had power been coilescet in the hands of the Democrat Party and Republicans not make a leadership change and yet McDonald continued to win re-election after re-election. At the County level Sajdak stepped down as head at the local level and recommended Carrie Buck (R) State Senator to succeed him.

A series of what can only be described as the most inept bungling at the administrative level, disqualified a large number of members of the sitting County party membership. Included in this disqualification was Jesse Law, who was seeking to become the next County level Chairman. Excuse my French but Shit his the fan.

It’s not clear who threw the first punch but a riot ensued at the County level meeting to vote in new Board members. Jesse Laws fanbase and supporters were having no part in the shutout by the County party. They would solve this problem by hosting their own “Party” meeting where they elected Jesse Law as the new Clark County Party Chairman.

I hope everyone is up to speed so far.

Suffice it to say both factions, the original County Party Board, now headed by Carrie Buck and the Clark County Republican Party II headed by Jesse Law claim defacto heads of the Party. But wait folks, before the paint dries, there was a State level election to install a new State Party Chairman. You guessed it, Michael McDonald was re-elected in a landslide.

I probably don’t have to say this but, you guessed it once again, the election had some perceived questionable procedures. According to Carrie Bucks letter to the base, 26 people were unlawfully disallowed to vote in the State election. What a cluster.

It has only been less than a week since Chairman McDonald has been re-elected and he is up to his chinny chin chin is crap. He had two warring factions down in the most populous county in his state. Add to this a tri-fect in his House of Representatives and the Governors mansion, with a midterm election Republicans are traditionally supposed to pick up seats.

If the Republican Party under the mentorship of Chairman McDonald do not pick up additional seats in Carson City during the 2022 midterm elections it can’t be blamed solely on bad candidates or not registering enough voters.