How Much Does Illegal Immigration Affect Americans Really

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When Donald Trump was in office the number of illegal border crossings had fallen to historic levels. The 45th President of the United States ran on “Build the Wall”. His followers were concerned with the number of illegal border crossings and their effect on America. But how much does illegal immigration really affect Americans?

Who is affected?

Most people fleeing their home countries are coming to America not because they are fleeing civil unrest, though that may be a contributing factor, but he vast majority of people interviewed said they were coming to America for a better life. Nothing wrong with that. We all want a better life but there is always someone affected by your actions.

Since many of the illegal immigrants entering America come here with no means of supporting themselves, we the American taxpayer must foot the bill for their initial number of months and in some cases years. The Biden administration appears to be spending at least $60 million per week to care for the more than 16,000 migrant teenagers and children in shelters operated by the Department of Health and Human Services, and those costs are expected to rise significantly over the coming months, according to an analysis of government data obtained by The Washington Post. Someone has to pay that bill and that someone is you and I.

Once the person is processed by law, they are held for a maximum of 72 hours and then let free into the interior of America. In most cases these people do not speak the language, know the customs nor in most cases where they are. All they know is that they have made it to America.

The illegal is given a time to return to speak with an immigration judge who will determine whether they are to receive permanent resident status. Border officials report that over 80% of the people never return for their hearings. So, let’s just assume 100% are released into the country never to be heard from again, unless they are arrested on some violation.

Here’s where the real cost begins to amass. American business’ highest cost is labor. Many of the people coming to our country seek out jobs, not in the farming and agriculture sectors. Those days are long gone. They look for jobs in the less skilled, but higher wage construction and manual labor positions. Unfortunately for Americans, these illegal aliens will work for much less than that of native Americans.

Among those hurt the most for these jobs, Minorities, blacks, women, and those at the lowest socio-economic levels of society. The real cost is magnified due to the fact that most immigrants are grateful to have a job, any job. Compared to the standard of living in their home country, $8/hr. is a blessing.

This lower wage is exactly what the US Chamber of Commerce and Big Agro want. They need these low skilled, low wage workers to replace the low skilled, high wage American workers. It’s all about dollars and sense. If a farmer or construction company can hire someone for less, they will readily so do.

How many unauthorized immigrants are in the United States?

The Migration Policy Institute (MPI) has estimated there were about 11 million unauthorized immigrants in the United States in 2018. Almost half resided in three states: California (24 percent), Texas (16 percent), and New York (8 percent). The vast majority (81 percent) lived in 178 counties with 10,000 or more unauthorized immigrants each, of which the top five—Los Angeles County, CA; Harris County, TX; Dallas County, TX; Cook County, IL; and Orange County, CA—accounted for 19 percent of all unauthorized immigrants.

Where are unauthorized immigrants from?

Mexicans and Central Americans accounted for roughly two-thirds (68 percent, or 7.4 million) of U.S. unauthorized immigrants as of 2014-18, MPI estimates. About 1.5 million (14 percent) were from Asia; 783,000 (7 percent) from South America; 648,000 (6 percent) from Europe, Canada, or Oceania; 406,000 (4 percent) from the Caribbean; and 230,000 (2 percent) from Africa.

The top five countries of birth for unauthorized immigrants were Mexico (51 percent), El Salvador (7 percent), Guatemala (5 percent), and India and Honduras (4 percent each).

On September 5, 2017, the Trump administration announced the termination of DACA, with a six-month wind-down. Multiple court challenges over the decision led to preliminary injunctions that allowed DACA recipients to renew their protections starting January 2018, but only for current holders or those who held DACA in the past. The U.S. Supreme Court ruled in June 2020 that the DACA recission violated federal law.

Democrats in their zeal to keep a voting bloc, and the Unions a dues paying class of people, defended the DACA recipients. People speculated, if there was no benefit either politically or economically to having DACA kids in the country Dems and Unions wouldn’t bat an eyelash but the truth is in the numbers. The more illegal immigrants that enter the country, the more likely they will vote Democrat.

So, as we see there is not only a monetary cost associated with illegal immigration, but also a huge political cost. Neither of these options speak to the benefit of American culture, the rule of law or the long-term effects on the illegal alien. This is something we’ll handle in an upcoming article.

We’ll leave you with this. The costs of illegal immigration to the United States must be looked at in bigger terms than dollars and cents. The impact of allowing people who have no allegiance to this country other than to make a dollar is incalculable. At some point we must deal with how patriotic and loyal these people are to the only country of its kind, America.

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