How Democrats Co-opted the Civil Rights Movement

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Over the past 60 years, civil rights activists have been working to bring about equality in American society. Men like Martin Luther King and others became the voice not only for the black community but for minorities across the world.

It seemed a noble venture, a just cause. Equality in work, housing, finance, all these things were focused at bringing about change in a society that saw minorities as inferior to the larger white community.

Fast forward to what we see today. Gender fluidity, Abortion on demand, the Green New Deal, Critical Race Theory and Equity Studies, raising taxes on the rich have taken the place of Civil Rights for blacks and other minorities and yet the lines have been blurred.

How is it that Democrats have been able to co-opt the Civil Rights movement? The very movement whose set goal was to overcome Democrat Jim Crow laws, segregation, and Gerrymandering. Now has been folded into the Biden agenda of raising taxes and solidifying Teachers Unions stranglehold on American children.

The Agenda of the Civil Rights movement was Equality. The Agenda of White Democrat Rulers is Equity. They are two different things and are mutually exclusive and yet Democrats have been able to dupe black voters into jumping in on THEIR cause thinking it is saying the same thing as the Cause of Equality in America.

As we described earlier, Blacks and other minorities has been fighting a battle for equality. Equality means being treated like everyone else. An example is, I can drink from the same water fountain, live in the same neighborhood, walk on the same side of the street.

Other examples throughout history; go to the same schools, receive the same treatment when I go to the bank.

Blacks and other minorities had been kept out of the stream of freedom other Americans had access to and the battle to break down those walls was the Civil Rights Movement.

Seems simple enough. Just get out of my way and allow me, not matter what color or ethnic background I am there should be no barrier for me to cross. EQUALITY!!!

Equity means something entirely different. Equity is a measure of amount. An example would be money. I should have as much as you have. Huh!!!

In the mind of White Liberals, their battle isn’t about equality, they were already equal to any other white guy. They wanted EQUITY, they wanted as much of the money pie as the other white guy.  These are two totally different agendas.

White Liberals were in a CLASS BATTLE not a CIVIL RIGHTS BATTLE. In their world money was the issue, not skin tone. Let me flesh this out even more.

If you dressed two white guys in the same suits and walked them down the street, could you tell which one had the Harvard degree or a million dollars in the bank? Of course not, but if you replaced the people with a black guy and a white guy what would happen? Almost instinctually there would be an assumption made that one was more educated, had more money, etc.…

In the mind of Liberal whites their battle isn’t about equality it is about equity, I want as much as you’ve got.

Democrats have been able to dupe black voters, whose driving force brought about the civil rights movement to believe they are both fighting the same battle. The truth is, there is nothing remotely like the two battles. White Liberals want money, Black citizens want Equality.

At some point in history, not suddenly but over time Democrats have been able to coop the civil rights movement and replaced it with a Marxist, Equity agenda. Their marching soldiers? Who would be the most vocal, passionate, and predictive group? Black voters.

Democrats were able to convince first black leadership that the very people who fought and died to keep them enslaved. The same people whom after the Civil War was ended continued their war by creating the KKK, Jim Crow Laws, Segregation and went as far as closing an entire school district during the 60’s to ensure there would be no mixing of the races. These same people convinced blacks to follow their new cause thinking it was the same as theirs.

What does Gender Fluidity, Abortion, Climate Change, or Raising Taxes on the Rich have to do with Civil Rights?  So, if the answer is nothing, then why are Blacks the foot soldiers for the Democrat Party in this fight for EQUITY?

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