How Democrats Are Using the Educational System in America to Control Blacks


The History of Democrats Not Allowing Blacks to Be Educated. The gory story is historic, well documented and cannot be reputed, slave owners (99% of whom where Democrats) refused to allow their property (slaves) to be educated. Democrats believed that an educated slave wouldn’t work on the plantation and in most cases was too inferior to be educated in the first place.

Even after the Civil War, Democrats and some Republicans thought that Blacks wouldn’t benefit from a decent education, so they created a separate but unequal system of education. In most cases Blacks weren’t afforded the same educational opportunities as their white counterparts. The system of separate but equal came to a head in the 1950’s when the “Birmingham 9” dared to darken the door of Alabama College.

It took armed US Reservist to escort the 9 black students into the college. This wasn’t the end of the injustice but merely the opening salvo.

The School to Prison Pipeline

The practice of evaluating children to determine where they would best be in life isn’t a new venture. In America this practice was taken to extremes when school administrators determined to keep blacks out of the mainstream created what is know as the School to Prison Pipeline. This diabolical scheme set in motion a series of events for generations of young black boys and girls that ultimately would end in a steady stream of prison inmates.

This particularly devious practice should have been enough for black parents to question their educational Masters but it wasn’t. They [parents] continued to fight for the rights of their children to attend schools they knew potentially meant a pathway not to glory but to incarceration. This was done by disproportionately suspending, expelling and ultimately calling to police for disciplinary reasons.

Failing Inner City Schools

In Baltimore on student (March 1, 2021) passed 3 classes in 4 years and scored in the top half of his class with a 0.13 GPA!!!! Wrap your head around that one. So why are Black parents allowing this to happen? And more importantly, why are Black leaders fighting to defund the police, when the cause of criminal activity is kids having no meaningful prospect of gainful employment because they didn’t even earn their High School diploma’s.

Teachers Unions Controlling School Curriculums

Charter Schools for Me and Not Thee

According to a recent survey in the D.C. School system 52% of children go to private schools. That is interesting. In the seat of our nations power, 52% of the children enjoy a degree of education not afforded to the rest of the children nationally. Why is that? You should ask the Congressmen and Senators whose children attend these elite schools.

Why is it justified that your children should attend these schools and mine are not? Why do they then go on to Ivy League schools and then go on to open businesses or work in the Halls of Government indeed. The answer should be obvious. There have to be drones and there most certainly must be rulers.

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