CCSD Says Goodbye to Jara


The Clark County School Board of Trustees have terminated the contract with Superintendent Jesus Jara bringing an end to yet another chapter for the nations 5th largest school system. In a 4-3 vote and hours of public comment Jara, whose salary of $320,000 and a stipend of over $700 for vehicles expenses, made $40,000 more than his predecessor, with the same results.

During a Clark County School Board of Trustees meeting Thursday evening, Trustee Irene Cepeda — caught in the middle of long-simmering tensions between board members — cast the deciding vote to terminate Jara’s employment contract, siding with Trustees Linda Cavazos, Danielle Ford and Lisa Guzman. The vote came more than three hours into the board meeting and after public comment that fluctuated from defense of Jara to harsh criticism.

Jara’s termination came at about half way through the marathon meeting, at which time he asked to be excused from the proceedings.

The CCSD has been the nations focus for years on account of its abysmal rankings. Consistently at the bottom of national rankings, Jara was hoped to be a gamechanger in the Silverstate. Alas, any changes or initiatives he brought to the table did little if anything to bring up the 50th rankings for the County.