Eviction Moratorium Hits Nation As Dems Go Home

National News

This weekend the Federal Eviction moratorium hit the nation but Nancy Pelosi and House Democrats go home. In a move that can only be characterized as callouse, Nancy Pelosi told her Congressional House members to go home as the nations Eviction Moratorium came to an end.

The pandemic created a major strain on the regular course of business in America. Hardest hit was the housing market. Tenants who found themselves out of work, through no fault of their own, scrambled to find a way of paying their rent. In steps the Federal government, which issued an order to freeze landlords from evicting their tenants based on their ability to pay.

For months landlords have been waiting for the eviction moratorium to end. They have been staving off creditors and in turn those creditors have been most likely staving off their creditors. This weekend to no surprise the fateful day arrived and Federal officials rather than dealing with the issue, called a recess.

The Biden Administration kicked the can down the road and left the ball in Congress’ hands, punting by saying “Congress would have to create a law to extend the moratorium”. This flies in the face of mountains of Executive Orders issued by President Biden over the first 6 months of his tenure.

The issue has struck such a cord in D.C. that even House Democrats are furious with Speaker Pelosi. Millions of people are at risk of being kicked out into the streets if House Democrats and the Biden Administration don’t come up with a solution to the nations problem.