Could Nevada Become 1st in the Nation?


As the Nevada Legislature neared it close, a bill passed that could possibly position Nevada to hold the coveted nomenclature “1st in the Nation” if passed by the Governor and Party leaders. The debate is whether or not Nevada will change its historical voting procedures from being a Caucus state to a Primary State and thus leapfrogging over Iowa as First in the Nation when the Presidential election commences come 2024.

Reports that Majority Leader, Jason Frierson (D-NV) speared-headed the legislation doing away with the time-honored caucus-forward choosing of delegates that would cast their votes for the states choice for their Parties Presidential nominee. That process would be replaced by a standard Primary voting scheme, which House Democrats believe is a more streamlined approach. BS

In a Harry Reid, inspired scenario, Nevada which is described as a more representative State of the nation as a whole, would potentially be the focus of Presidential hopefuls, rather than the more homogeneous State of Iowa. Democrats have long fought to highlight race and sex above all else, this is in keeping with their narrative though counter to the spirit and the meaning of MLK’s great challenge, “the content of their character…”

It is still up to debate whether of not each of the Parties will go along with the scheme put forth by Democrats. Democrats and Republicans are not bound to allow such a departure from the regular order of voting for no good reason. This begs the question, “Why is it so important that Nevada be First in the Nation?”

Any Advantage You Can Get

Have the voting trends nationally changed so much that Democrats feel they need to tilt the scales in order to gain an advantage. Perception is everything in politics. If it can be seen that Democrats are the dominant Party early on Election Day, it may be all the advantage they need.

During the 2020 Presidential election Iowans, if they were correct in their voting, would not have chosen Joe Biden. President Biden was a distant 4th place on Election Day and wasn’t the sure nominee until a considerable way in the primary process. Could it be that House Dems are shopping for a “Good State” to gain an advantage on? Just like “shopping for a judge” during a trial, are Dems “Shopping” a state for the Presidential Elections of 2024?

One thing we have learned throughout the past 4 years is things aren’t what they seem on the surface. When Democrats are pushing to change rules it isn’t because they care about the obvious issue. They are much too crafty for that. This cake isn’t baked yet and something tells me their IS a Hacksaw baked in this cake to keep an eye on.

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