Can NVDems Strip Rep Black of Voting Powers?

Editorial Nevada

The ongoing saga of Annie Black shifted into high gear today. This week Ms. Black a sitting State Assemblywoman dared to go against an arbitrary and unscientific rule passed by House Democrats which made it illegal for anyone to come on the House floor without their mask.

You may remember, the Center for Disease Control (CDC) last week updated its guidelines. These revised guidelines dropped the mask mandate not only outside but inside. This news was so wildly accepted that even Governor Sisolak revised statewide guidelines, lifting mask mandates. I guess this information must have sneaked by House Majority Leader Jason Frierson of Nevada and Nancy Pelosi in the Congress.

Both Democrat leaders have created rules in their respective Houses to mandate the continued wearing of masks for their members. In the case of Pelosi (D-CA) she has imposed a steep $500 fine for first time offenders and $2500 fines for repeat offenders.

In the case of Frierson, we have a more worrisome issue. Frierson has literally stripped a duly elected sitting Representative of the United States of America voting rights. You read that correctly. NVDems have thrown away the Constitution and become the sole endorser of the People of the State of Nevada.

Is this Constitutional? Should Representative Black file a lawsuit to regain her Constitutionally guaranteed right to represent her constituents? Where is the ACLU? Where is the Attorney General of the State of Nevada? Where is the outrage?

When a country built upon a representative form of government cannot count of their voice being heard through their duly elected Representative, then we have lost our government. You may not agree with the votes cast by the opposition party. There are remedies for this. But to cancel out their vote without so much as a Constitutional Amendment is unAmerican.