Blockchain Wants to Add a Cryptocurrency City in Nevada


Should Nevada Legislators put the push on for a city experiment where cryptocurrency is king? Once again, this is great for a handful of people, namely those who can afford to purchase cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, and the like but what about the vast majority of Nevada’s kids who can’t read, write of balance a checkbook.
We are not opposed to the research it takes to see the viability of cryptocurrency. Not in the least, but giving tax breaks to one sector or company is just wrong. Especially when Nevada and the CCSD are sucking the hind end of a failing school system nationwide.
Add to this we have a healthcare problem. Add to this we have a Doctor problem in Clark County.
If Blockchain would like to experiment with alternative cash then let them do their R&D on their own dime. You never saw Pepsi or Home Depot asking for huge concessions when they started up.
Business is all about risk. Sometime you win and sometimes you lose. I know this all too well. Cryptocurrency is at best a sideways steps in the currency markets. At worst is is a full blown Ponzi scheme where the guys at the top make a killing. Why should the citizens of Nevada help them play it out.