Biden Calls for Cuomo Resignation

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In what can only be called an “Oh shit”, he said it moment, President Biden upon being asked whether or not Andrew Cuomo should resign after being found to have committed sexual harassment on 11 female staffers. The President bluntly said, “Yes”.

The reporter who obviously wasn’t ready for such a blunt answer, asked the geriatric leader, “So are you calling for Governor Cuomo to resign?” Just as if he had rehearsed it, Biden replied, “Yes”.

Andrew Cuomo, Governor of New York has been on the hotseat for some 4 months now, after enjoying a year as the Nations Governor during the pandemic. He oversaw the most deaths, sickenesses and the received the most Federal help of any sitting governor and yet the media mob crowned him the next President of the United States.

Facts have a funny way of finding their way to the surface. During the most critical point in the pandemic, Cuomo, who was quoted as saying, “The Governor’s Office isn’t for everyone. We do life and death work here.” Found time enough to pen a $5M advanced book on Leadership. All awhile, tens of thousands of elderly patients were dying in nursing homes.

Currently under investigation for having his staff members edit his “Leadership” book, Cuomo found himself at the center of a mounting sexual harassment case. One staffer came forward and by the time the dust settled, 11 women including a State Trooper had come forward to tell their story of bullying, nastiness and a toxic work environment in the Governors House.

One staffer, said she found the environment so difficult, she asked for a transfer. Another said she ended her life of Public Service not because she wanted to but because of the actions of the Governor. During that same period, Joe Biden was asked by George Stephanopolous if Biden believed Cuomo should resign if the allegation against him were corraborated.

In that interview, Biden said yes and not only that but if they were found to be true, Cuomo would likely find himself in the middle of a legal battle. The charges against Cuomo didn’t rise to the level of a Federal crime but they did fall within the lines of being a civil matter. The women if they chose to could file a years long legal battle against the now disgraced Govenor.