Are the Proud Boys Attempting a Takeover of the NVGOP?


In an extensive article written the Las Vegas Review Journal, Rory Appleton discussed the neo-right wing white supremacist hate group, the Proud Boys. In that article it was highlighted that members of the Nevada Republican Party and its supporters may have been unknowingly duped into associating with the hate group, in an attempt to takeover the County Party and ultimately the State Party.

On a phone conversation TNC had with Richard McClean, Political Director of the CCRCC, McClean stated that during a recent meeting with the heads of the Clark County Republican Central Committee (CCRCC) the actions and intensions of the Proud Boys was discussed. A vote was taken by the Board and Trustees of the CCRCC, to ban membership of individuals known to be associates of the Proud Boys, namely Rudy Clai, Matt Anthony and Paul Laramie.

During that phone conversation with McClean and later in a text dialogue with CCRCC Chairman Dave Sajdak, it was pointed out that the Proud Boys were brought in by sitting Chairman Michael McDonald in an attempt to keep power. The Chairman is up for re-election in the next year and there is a growing movement to oust him from his chairmanship. But to what lengths will the Party have to go in order to keep power?

The Proud Boys are listed as a hate group by the dubious Poverty Law Center. In court filings Anthony was said to have violated terms of his release for possession of heroine during a traffic stop in Michigan. Nevada says that it would not supervise Anthony’s probation and was ordered to return to Michigan, yet never did.

The Republican Chamber of Commerce, a newly formed organization which Paul Laramie touts as being a mainstream organization to help conservative business owners and candidates held a meeting at the Canyon Gate Country Club. High profile Republican members were to attend the meeting. Among those were Chairman McDonald, Wayne Allen Root who spoke at the event. McDonald who previously has been accused of knowingly recruiting the Proud Boys, has said he was unaware of the association of the Proud Boys to the Chamber.

When TNC asked, Chairman Sajdak whether or not he believed Chairman McDonald was aware of the Proud Boys association to right wing racism, he said he definitely knew who they were and their association. The same can be said for CCRCC Political Director McClean.