Annie Black Dares to Go Maskless on the Assembly Floor


If you have been following Nevada politics for any amount of time, you’re aware of Annie Black. The now freshmen Assemblywoman from Mesquite has been making quite the name for herself in state politics. Recently she dared to go maskless on the Assembly floor even after being warned by House Majority Leader Frierson of the consequences.

Undaunted and armed with CDC guidance Rep. Black, who has been a firebrand ever since stepping into office, bowed up and demanded the Assembly …rather than retell the tale, let’s hear it in Annie’s own words.

This is an excerpt from her Newsletter.

(Annie Black) – As you know from this morning’s AnnieGram, I went on the floor of the Assembly Tuesday evening, took off my mask and called on the Legislature to follow the CDC’s revised guidelines and repeal its stupid “mask mandate” inside YOUR building.

The immediate response by Speaker Frierson was to threaten me with “consequences” if I refused to do as I was told; noting the possible punishment was being banned from voting on bills or speaking from the floor unless it was to apologize and agree to comply.

But I didn’t back down. Instead, I DOUBLED down!
At 1:52 pm this afternoon – before today’s floor session got started – I posted the following…

     “I am so done with this #MaskerpieceTheater crud. Speaker @JasonFrierson is now saying it’s legislative staff, not him, forcing us to wear masks. Well, they work for you and me. WE’RE the employers! So I will NOT wear a mask in the #NVLeg. Let ’em come drag me out if they want.”

(BTW, if you’re not “following” me on Twitter, go to @realannieblack)
Well, get THIS!
At 2:34 pm I received an email saying the Legislative Counsel Bureau backed down and was going to not only drop their mask requirement in line with the CDC guidance, but starting tomorrow the building – THE PEOPLE’S HOUSE – will be re-opened to the public…

100% capacity…
No reservations or appointments required!

WOW.  What a win!
Now, can I be honest with you for a minute?
Taking this stand all alone – in public and on camera – scared the hell out of me.

The threat of being blocked from voting on bills on behalf of the constituents who elected me was a BIG concern.
But it was the principle that mattered.
But you know what mattered even more?
Knowing I had Annie’s Army behind me! 
I knew you would be by my side.
I knew you had my back.

Your emails, texts and social media posts of support gave me the courage to stand up there, all alone, and fight for what was right.
So this wasn’t *my* win.  This was YOUR win.  I never could have done it without you.
Seriously, y’all have no idea how much your support has meant. 

I’ve drawn on your collective strength to summon up the courage to fight the fight, rock the boat and challenge the “go along to get along” mentality of far too many of my colleagues.  

So if anyone ever again tries to tell you that you can’t fight city hall and the little guy can’t make a difference…tell ‘em to stuff it.  Because YOU did!

As Samuel Adams famously said…

     “It does not take a majority to prevail…but rather an irate, tireless minority, keen on setting brushfires of freedom in the minds of men.”

Thank you for helping me set some brushfires here in Carson City!


But I thought Frierson just came to his senses?

According to other news sources the House Majority Leader just all of the sudden made the decision to follow CDC guidelines. The truth is, it was the voice of Annie Black, standing alone in a room full of weak-kneed lemmings that made all the difference in the world.

All bets are off folks. Annie Black has become the torch for the Nevada Assembly. She is single-handedly taking on all comers and knocking it out of the park. If anyone asks you, who would you say is the bravest, most daring and faithful conservator of conservative values in the Assembly…well you know who that is. Black…Out.

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  1. I hope to see Annie Black leading Nevada for many years in the right direction she’s the best of the best

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