Andrew Cuomo is Found to Have Committed at Least 11 Acts of Sexual Harassment

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The NY AG, Letitia James, held a presser in which she said that Andrew Cuomo, Governor of New York was found to have committed sexual harassment on 11 female staff members.

One a State Trooper who was assigned to his protection detail.

Cuomo was the darling of the Democrat Party during the Covid Pandemic. He and his brother Chris Cuomo were daily fixtures on CNN. Some Democrats even believed Cuomo would become the heir apparent to the 2024 Democrat Presidential Candidacy.

Cuomo held a rebuttal to the presser held by the NY AG. It was a pre-recorded message where the Governor all but called all of the accusations against him a lie. He told a morning audience that the women heard things that he didn’t say and saw things that didn’t happen.

In an almost Svengalis rant, Cuomo systematically denied, deflected and dispelled any notion that he was guilty, or close to resigning. This flew directly in the face of overwhelming testimony by over 100 direct or corroborating witnesses. One of which was a State Trooper who witnessed an unwanted advanced by the now disgraced politician.

Either Cuomo was guilty, or he is the greatest liar of all time. He never once said he was sorry if any of the nearly a dozen women felt uncomfortable or uneasy. Rather Cuomo went back to saying , “I’m Italian, “I was consoling a co-worker, I am the Governor and couldn’t ease her pain.” It was almost grotesque.

The rebuttal which lasted a bit less than 30 minutes was a combination of Pious Benefactor and Innocent Slump, but nowhere was there any remorse, or second guessing on the behalf of the embattled Governor. Cuomo, much like President Biden owed his actions to his culture, or his past actions. Attorney’s remarked, none of these is an excuse for harassment.

Democrats quickly rallied behind calls to Impeach Cuomo. An emergency meeting was called with hours of the announcement by the NY State Attorney General. Kirsten Gillibrand, former Presidential candidate and State Senator who was late in decrying Cuomo now was at the head of the line to have the head of the governor.

Others in the Republican Party along with a unanimous vote by Democrats now looked to the White House. Joe Biden, in March was quoted as saying, if Cuomo was found to have sexually harassed any of the women, should he be impeached or step down. Biden has yet to confirm his early acknowledgement, but many believe he must demand Cuomo step down.