The Nevada Conservative is a daily news outlet produced independently of any political Party or entity. Our hope is to disseminate the latest in political and cultural events, people and places from a uniquely Conservative viewpoint.

Nevada is a wonderful place to live, work and play. Over the years it has changed from a rural stop on the way to Los Angeles to one of the largest cities in the nation. With our growth comes the pull of liberal thought and change. Our lifestyle was that of a small town, family oriented, fiercely religious and socially conservative to a growing metropolitan 21st century city that frankly still doesn’t know how to deal with its new legs.

The Nevada Conservative is a reminder that yes we are a growing metropolis but we don’t have to check our conservatives roots on the trash heap of progress. We can grow and still retain the roots that make Nevada one of the most desirable places on the West coast to live work and play.

As we take up the mantle of conservative herald our hope is that you will support us with your financial support and emotional backing. We are up against a growing liberal tidal wave from the north, east, south and west. They come to takeover and change ever place they touch. This we cannot allow to happen because we have an overriding and compelling reason for doing what we do, Our children, who we love dearly and our Legacy which will live on long after we are dead and buried.

All of our content is produced by our staff of writers, contributors and supporters. We are a small team that needs more dedicated and talented staff to come along side us. If you would like to become part of our team, write us at info@nevadaconservative.com