2 Confirmed Cases in Local Schools Sparks Concerns


(Las Vegas) Local parents notified two children have been diagnosed with COVID-19. Calls went out to a local school in the Clark County School District that two children were diagnosed with the coronavirus. It is not know how many other children may have come in contact with the two students. Nor was it initially know if anyone else had been infected.

According to the Centers for Disease Control young children are less likely to suffer life ending effects if they were to contract the coronavirus. In addition, children were not found to be mass spreaders of the virus.

There have been calls for months to allow in person learning for school age children based on the CDC guidelines. In one school district in Utah, parents attending a school board meeting argued with Board members to discontinue the mask mandates for their children. The meeting, which streamed and then went viral sparked nationwide debate on the phycological effects on children of wearing masks for prolonged periods of time.

In Clark County, children began hybrid learning the first week of April. Most of the children attended school on an A, B schedule. If you were on the A schedule you attended school Monday thru Wednesday. B students attended school Thursday and Friday. In both cases children attended school 8:30A-12:05P.

An investigation is being conducted by CCSD health officials to see who may have come in contact with the infected children. Parents were contacts via robocall that if it was determined their children were in contact with the 2 confirmed cases, they would be contacted with further instructions. At this time classes are still scheduled to resume on Monday.

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