With Friends Like These – Do Obama’s Vocal Religion-Hating Supporters Define Him?

April 29, 2012

Oh, I hope they do.

My mother taught me that we’re judged by the friends we keep. In this, as in so many other things, she was dead-right.  But, will Obama be judged by the religion-hating friends he keeps?

After the dust-up over his America-hating pastor of 20 years, the Reverend Jeremiah Wright, and following the “live-in-glass-houses” theory of behavior, you might think that Obama would steer clear of those who attack religion.  Apparently not, as two different news stories from today’s Drudge Report demonstrate.

First, according to Todd Starnes of Fox News, 100 high school student journalists walked out on the appropriately-named Dan Savage, an anti-bullying speaker at a national journalism conference after he unleashed a foul-mouthed tirade aimed at Christians, the Bible, and anything else good and decent that he could attack.  This bullying “professional anti-bully” is also a married gay man, a pro-Obama activist, and a Sex Columnist – who writes “Savage Love” (folks, you can’t make this up). He also also heads the anti-bullying movement called “It Gets Better” (perhaps it gets better when he stops ranting) – his group is supported by Obama and Hollywood Elites, among others.

The speaker – who, with his husband, recently attended the President’s LGBT Pride Month Reception (that’s Lesbian, Gay, Bi-Sexual and Trans-Gender, for those who aren’t fluent in “gay-speak”) and a White House anti-bullying conference, began cursing these outstanding high school students out, attacked the Bible and reportedly called those who refused to stay put and listen to his foul-mouthed rant “pansy assed.”  Apparently, at least 100 students had the integrity to walk out on this vocal Obama supporter.

The appropriately-named Savage was supposed to be delivering a speech about anti-bullying at the National High School Journalism Conference sponsored by the Journalism Education Association and the National Scholastic Press Association. But it turned into an episode of Christian-bashing and bullying abuse to those students who were so obviously offended by his hate-filled rant.  You can read more about it, and see a video of this rant, at:  http://radio.foxnews.com/toddstarnes/top-stories/anti-bullying-speaker-curses-mocks-christian-teens.html

The other religion-hater who supports Obama is, in fact, his largest single donor, “comedian” Bill Maher.  Maher has recently donated a cool million bucks to Obama’s super-PAC, making him the largest single donor to any candidate of either party.  Not content with making such a bold statement about his support for Obama, Maher decided to help the President win re-election by damning Mormonism as a “cult” on his HBO show last night.  According to the Weekly Standard, Maher also said that donating money to that religion doesn’t count as charity because it’s “bullshit.”

Maher, who once hosted an ABC show called “Politically Incorrect” – which ironically attacked both sides of political debates, has since become one of the most vocal and far-left Liberal of Obama’s legion of far-left Liberal Hollywood supporters – which says a lot.  As the Weekly Standard’s Daniel Halper wrote, “Considering Maher’s financial support of Obama’s reelection effort, one can’t help but wonder whether his views on Mormonism are in line with the president’s and his supporters.”

And, as you consider the forthcoming election, that’s a good question to also consider. While Obama has said he’d exclude religious attacks on his opponents from his campaign, he’s done absolutely nothing to criticize either Gay Rights “anti-bullying” activist Dan Savage or not-so-funny “comedian” Bill Maher for their over-the-top, out-of-line comments.  You can read about Maher here:  http://www.weeklystandard.com/blogs/largest-donor-obama-super-pac-calls-mormonism-cult_642210.html

Ned Barnett – Nevada Conservative

Ned Barnett has worked in campaigns, and as a speechwriter to candidates and elected officials, since he was the “mascot” to the local Young Republicans in 1964 (Goldwater) – he has managed media and strategy for three state-level Presidential campaigns, and worked hand-in-glove with the legendary Lee Atwater in South Carolina in the Ford Campaign.  In 2009-10, as an active Tea Party supporter, he served as both the Clark County/Las Vegas and Nevada Republican Party Communications Director.  He owns Barnett Marketing Communications in Las Vegas, and provides a full range of PR, marketing, issues-management and fund-raising services for clients in Las Vegas, around the country, and in several other countries.  He can be reached at 702-561-1167 or ned@barnettmarcom.com …



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