TSA Agents Terrorize Small Children – In Running for “Jackbooted Thugs” Achievement Award

April 26, 2012

I guess there’s not a day goes by when the TSA doesn’t make the news for perpetrating some new atrocity, some new and vicious or insensitive or utterly stupid abuse of authority.  They can only justify this blatant violation of the 4th Amendment because we “volunteer” to fly, and therefore can opt out of the unreasonable search and seizure by taking the train, or the Greyhound, or the family car … or shank’s mare.

However, today’s Drudge Report listed no less than four abuses – one, in LA, has agents taking bribes to pass drugs through the screening – and that’s just criminal, and not really part of this blog.  And one of them is about TSA agents groping a Congressmen – two weeks in a row – then accusing the Congressman of “assault” when he pushed away the hand of an agent that was (there’s no delicate way of saying this) “groping his junk.”  And while that’s outrageous, too, the Congressman is fully capable of standing up for his rights.

But there were two stories that go so far beyond the pale that they scream OUTRAGE and demand retribution … but instead, in both cases, the TSA officially defended its agents’ actions.  Let me tell you about those incidents (or follow the links, below) then decide for yourself.

First, a four-year-old girl had gone through the electronic screener (successfully), then she ran back to hug her grandmother.  This is a technical violation of security protocols, and certainly, both the young girl and the grandmother (who hadn’t gone through screening yet) needed to go back through the screener.  Instead, the TSA determined that the four-year-old was an “uncooperative suspect” and insisted on patting down the now-terrified, now-screaming child.  The rules say they should have put her back through the X-Ray machine, but instead, they insisted on a body-intrusive pat-down that’s  left the barely-more-than-an-infant with traumatic nightmares of kidnapping.  Certainly, our airways were protected by this heroic terrorizing of a four-year-old (who was – no kidding – accused of slipping a revolver to Granny, even though she’d already gone through the screening once, without revealing her revolver to the equipment).

And the TSA defended this action.

Then, the TSA decided to harass and grope a seven-year-old girl with birth-defects including Cerebral Palsy and developmental disorders.  Sounds like a classic terror profile, doesn’t it?  The young girl has to wear leg braces, so she had to be wanded, but instead of being treated with sympathy (as her parents asked), they were harsh and abrupt and basically scared this poor, helpless victim of life … apparently, just because they could.  The details are really revolting, but you can read the story (link below) if you want.

Again, the TSA defended it’s actions.

Perhaps I’m so outraged because I’m a father and a grandfather (and one of my stepchildren was born with birth defects) – or perhaps I’m outraged because I’m a public relations professional (who’s worked for several government agencies) who knows that when people screw up, apologies and restitution – not excuses or justification are in order.  Or perhaps I’m outraged because I’ve seen this in action before.  It’s been a while, but clearly, the TSA hasn’t changed since …

Back in the day when they had extra screenings at the gates – and passengers were selected randomly based on codes printed on boarding cards.  The woman in front of me waiting to board was one selected for screening.  She was a young mother – she had five children, the oldest of whom might have been in the first grade, and the youngest was still in an infant carrier – not yet old enough to crawl, let alone toddle.  This family looked like they’d come from Central Casting, impersonating an “all-American family.”  Each of the kids looked like the mother – white-blond hair, clear blue eyes – the kind of people you’d expect to see on Ozzie & Harriet or the Donna Reed Show.  Not exactly terror profile.  Still, rules are rules.  But they “checked” each of the kids closely – including the infant (they wanded the carrier, and felt around under the baby’s butt to see if there was  a bomb or a pistol or a dirty diaper or some other deadly weapon).  Insane lack of judgment.  Yes, I know it’s not PC to “profile,” but give me a break.

And today, they’re still terrorizing small children, calling them suspects and harassing them and their parents.  And justifying their actions.

What’s it going to take, America, to realize that the TSA has gone so far beyond providing reasonable security and instead giving good-paying jobs to sociopaths – then defending their sociopathy.

Or so it seems to me.

Ned Barnett – Nevada Conservative

Agency defends patdown of sobbing 4-year-old girl...

Family Misses Flight after TSA Gives Pat-Down to 7-Year-Old -- with Cerebral Palsy!



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